Thursday, July 30, 2015

Now It's Gone Too Far

Mom and Dad have put us through some pretty crazy things. Years ago Dyna was so disgusted she had to speak out (What I Do For Love). And Dyna knew pretty much everything. I miss her...

These past few weeks have been very trying for Dee Dee and me. Boxes stacked everywhere, people coming and going, signs being put up out front. But we haven't complained. As long as they remember breakfast and dinner and keep our routine, we're pretty happy.

But today they finally went too far.

As long as I can remember there have been two very comfy dog beds in Daddy's study. I've spent many hours sleeping in one of them, first with Dyna, now with Dee Dee. Mom is always trying to keep our hair off of them by putting on covers. How silly is that? Trying to keep dog hair off dog beds? We humor her - she does feed us after all.

Every so often Mom goes on this tear, pushes us off our beds and gets out the vacuum and brush and tries to clean off whatever hair gets onto the beds but it's pretty silly. We put more on within minutes.

Today was different. Not only did she shoo us off the beds but she locked us up in the kitchen. Then she got out the vacuum and brush and this sticky stuff on a roll. She went to town - vacuuming and brushing and pushing that sticky stuff all over our beds. We thought she'd gone crazy.

Next thing we know her and Dad are carrying the beds out of the study and putting them into that other room. You know the one. It has this fancy furniture where they close the doors and then yell at us if we get in there. Then they shut the door - with our beds inside!

Now where are we suppose to have our naps? There's only a few places we can settle in - the window seat in the kitchen, the dog bed on the kitchen floor, the rug in the mud room, the two leather sofas in the entertainment room, Oh, and the two leather chairs, as well. On Dad's exercise mat when he's jump roping, the rug in Mom's dressing room in the morning, under the dining room table. But that's it. Oh, Dee Dee just reminded me that she likes to nap on the big bed upstairs, especially now that it's on the floor. But that is absolutely it. Except for one or two places on the boat and the backseat of the car but I'm not sure those count.

And now they take away our dog beds from the study!

If I only had fingers I'd call the ASPCA! As it is we may have to mutiny!

Wait a minute. Do I hear Mom rustling in the dog food bag? No, she's getting out some treats. Maybe we'll forgive her after all. But just this once...

Gee, we sure did like sleeping on those dog beds.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Box It Up!

We're coming down to the last couple weeks here in Castine. The auction is on Saturday after which we will really be roughing it. By Sunday the Jeep and Subaru will be sold and we'll have to depend on the kindness of friends to pick up our rental car from Bangor.

This past weekend we picked up a U-Haul U-Box to fill with those items we just can't part with. It looked so small! The crew found it all very interesting and wanted to help.

It took 2 days to fill the 5 by 8 by 7 foot space. It was a complex jigsaw puzzle that resulted is dismay one moment as we were sure it could never fit and relief the next as we thought there was room to spare, followed by dismay and so on.

Until finally all was complete. We dropped the box off Monday morning and it goes on a truck headed south on Wednesday.

It looks like we're really doing this!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

So Much Excitement

It has been an exciting week for the aCappella crew. The French sailing ship L'Hermione spent a couple of days in Castine with the largest crowd we have ever seen in town. Even the kids made it down for some of the festivities.

Dylan and Dee Dee continued their trips out to Indian Bar for swims in their test harnesses. All for the sake of science, you know, and the water safety of boating dogs everywhere.

Swimming and fetching and even getting to play with a gaggle of small children - they are a gaggle aren't they???

 It's grueling work but they are up for the sacrifice.

Of course, all that hard work leads to a treat and a well deserved nap. But don't worry a full report is coming at the end of the summer.

Then Mom and Dad did something really crazy. Dylan and Dee Dee have been enjoying their king-size bed here on land. It's nice to stretch out especially given what bed-hogs their mom and dad can be.

So imagine their surprise when Mom and Dad put the bed on the floor! The crew thinks it may have something to do with all those "Auction" signs out front. At first it was weird but then Dylan and Dee Dee found it was kind of exciting.

There have certainly been lots of changes going on around here lately. But don't worry, the crew is keeping a close eye on things.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Everything Must Go!

It's finally becoming real, this crazy thing we're doing. The house is under contract. In a couple of weeks we have tents and chairs and tables arriving to setup for an auction.

August 1st the whole crew will vacate for the day while crowds (we hope) descend on our backyard for "The Auction of the Century."  Other boaters have advised that it is best not to be there when people paw through our valuables/junk. Good advice.

So we are making plans for a road trip. The kids don't know yet. But they certainly know something is up. People coming and going. Boxes strewn throughout the house. Mom and Dad sorting and packing in the evening when they should be cuddling.

Dylan thinks Dee Dee should be in the auction. We're taking it under consideration.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 4th

July 4th is a very special day here in Castine. If you ever have a chance to be here do not miss it.  It's one of those slices of Americana that are hard to find anymore. Dylan has done numerous July 4th's in Castine, this was Dee Dee's second. It starts with the parade, followed by hot dogs and watermelon and games. There's a concert on the Common by the town band in the evening. And the grand finale of a very impressive fireworks display at night. It's a good day for the crew.

After 20+ July 4th's here in Castine, it was a bittersweet day. We know we will be back for another - after all we are keeping one of our moorings. But we also know it will be different as a visitor rather than a resident. But there will be more July 4th's in new places as we look to new adventures.

Oh, and as for summer, it did arrive July 4th and has decided to linger awhile. After all, we still have adventures to enjoy right here.