Thursday, July 30, 2015

Now It's Gone Too Far

Mom and Dad have put us through some pretty crazy things. Years ago Dyna was so disgusted she had to speak out (What I Do For Love). And Dyna knew pretty much everything. I miss her...

These past few weeks have been very trying for Dee Dee and me. Boxes stacked everywhere, people coming and going, signs being put up out front. But we haven't complained. As long as they remember breakfast and dinner and keep our routine, we're pretty happy.

But today they finally went too far.

As long as I can remember there have been two very comfy dog beds in Daddy's study. I've spent many hours sleeping in one of them, first with Dyna, now with Dee Dee. Mom is always trying to keep our hair off of them by putting on covers. How silly is that? Trying to keep dog hair off dog beds? We humor her - she does feed us after all.

Every so often Mom goes on this tear, pushes us off our beds and gets out the vacuum and brush and tries to clean off whatever hair gets onto the beds but it's pretty silly. We put more on within minutes.

Today was different. Not only did she shoo us off the beds but she locked us up in the kitchen. Then she got out the vacuum and brush and this sticky stuff on a roll. She went to town - vacuuming and brushing and pushing that sticky stuff all over our beds. We thought she'd gone crazy.

Next thing we know her and Dad are carrying the beds out of the study and putting them into that other room. You know the one. It has this fancy furniture where they close the doors and then yell at us if we get in there. Then they shut the door - with our beds inside!

Now where are we suppose to have our naps? There's only a few places we can settle in - the window seat in the kitchen, the dog bed on the kitchen floor, the rug in the mud room, the two leather sofas in the entertainment room, Oh, and the two leather chairs, as well. On Dad's exercise mat when he's jump roping, the rug in Mom's dressing room in the morning, under the dining room table. But that's it. Oh, Dee Dee just reminded me that she likes to nap on the big bed upstairs, especially now that it's on the floor. But that is absolutely it. Except for one or two places on the boat and the backseat of the car but I'm not sure those count.

And now they take away our dog beds from the study!

If I only had fingers I'd call the ASPCA! As it is we may have to mutiny!

Wait a minute. Do I hear Mom rustling in the dog food bag? No, she's getting out some treats. Maybe we'll forgive her after all. But just this once...

Gee, we sure did like sleeping on those dog beds.


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