Tuesday, July 21, 2015

So Much Excitement

It has been an exciting week for the aCappella crew. The French sailing ship L'Hermione spent a couple of days in Castine with the largest crowd we have ever seen in town. Even the kids made it down for some of the festivities.

Dylan and Dee Dee continued their trips out to Indian Bar for swims in their test harnesses. All for the sake of science, you know, and the water safety of boating dogs everywhere.

Swimming and fetching and even getting to play with a gaggle of small children - they are a gaggle aren't they???

 It's grueling work but they are up for the sacrifice.

Of course, all that hard work leads to a treat and a well deserved nap. But don't worry a full report is coming at the end of the summer.

Then Mom and Dad did something really crazy. Dylan and Dee Dee have been enjoying their king-size bed here on land. It's nice to stretch out especially given what bed-hogs their mom and dad can be.

So imagine their surprise when Mom and Dad put the bed on the floor! The crew thinks it may have something to do with all those "Auction" signs out front. At first it was weird but then Dylan and Dee Dee found it was kind of exciting.

There have certainly been lots of changes going on around here lately. But don't worry, the crew is keeping a close eye on things.

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