Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat!

Dylan has been lucky enough to experience a real Trick or Treat a few years back when we were in Maine for the holiday. He loved seeing the scores of children that came to the front door. Alas, Dee Dee's first trick or treat was spent last year at anchor. Not many trick or treaters there...

We were alerted yesterday that there was a five year old liveaboard who would be making the rounds tonight. Fortunately, we were also loaned some candy so we wouldn't have to worry about being tricked.

A little after five a knock came on the side. Our canine security crew leapt into action with Dee Dee opening the door and Dylan following behind. Imagine Dee Dee's surprise to find a zombie on the dock demanding a treat. She went nuts. Even removing the head to reveal an adorable blond five year old boy didn't appease her.

Fortunately, the human youngster wasn't fazed by the crazy barking of our canine one. The treats were delivered and no tricks were received. Of course, Dee Dee knows it was her diligence and not a few bits of candy treats that saved the day.

As for Dylan, "Did someone say treats?!?!?!?!?"

Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's So Unfair

The longer we cruise the shorter our days become. A 30-40 mile day is typical. 60 miles is considered a long day.

We left Morehead City, NC for a 72 mile offshore hop to Masonboro Inlet where we planned to anchor. Unfortunately, for reasons too sensitive to discuss right now, we missed our 7 am departure and didn't get off the dock until after 9 am. It was a long day.

Once out, the seas were calm and we decided to burn some extra fuel to keep on our plan and arrive before sunset. It was a beautiful day. I was piloting as we neared the inlet and I suddenly had that creepy feeling of being watched. I looked at the clock. It was nearly 5 pm. The canine crew's supper time is 4:30 pm. Sharp. Somebody was being ripped off.

I explained that we were almost at the anchorage and I would feed them as soon as we were secure. It did no good.

Finally, we arrived, found our spot, set the anchor, and closed up the boat. The kids were more than ready and reminded me that due to our planned early departure their breakfast had been served an hour early. Dylan and Dee Dee were nearly faint and trying to figure out how to dial the ASPCA on my cell phone.

Just when they were sure the end was near, supper was served.

Sometimes life is so unfair...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Don't Leave Us!

Every time we leave Dylan and Dee Dee on the boat and go somewhere we get "the look." If you have a dog you know exactly what I mean. That "this is worse than being beaten and starved and thrown off a train" look. How could you leave me? What could possibly be more fun than being with me?

They're sure we're sneaking off to eat piles of raw steak while chasing Frisbees and scratching other dogs' bellies. Nothing else could tempt us so.

Sadly, they don't understand because they've never been to the Saturday night Krogen Cruisers dance!

(Photo courtesy of Jeff and Ellen Hall, those two crazy people in the middle - stripe shirt/flowered blouse - Jeff is in the shirt...)

These guys know how to party. Sorry, Dylan and Dee Dee. In this one regard you can't compete! Fortunately, it's only once a year. Can't wait until next October!

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Monster and I Can Prove it

We often call the little whirlwind that is our Dee Dee, a monster. I know that those who see her beautiful face doubt me but I have irrefutable proof.

When we first picked up our little girl I noticed that she had two unusual swirls of fur on either side of her neck - one on the left side.

And one on the right.

From the start they reminded me of those two bolts that stick out of Frankenstein's neck - you know what I mean. I thought they were just some quirky fur configuration that would go away as she got older. But no, they seem to be here to stay. Dee Dee is now a young adult (nearly 18 months old) and she still has these distinctive marking.

Now you tell me if you don't see a similarity. Yes, she's our little monster but we love her just the same.