Friday, February 27, 2009

The Ditch Bag

Our plan is to try and complete a couple of things from our lists every week. We’ve decided to start with our trusty Ditch Bag. It's a love/hate relationship. Of course, we never, ever hope to use it but we also lovingly stock it as we think of a day or two in the cramped space of our liferaft with two dogs! All items are removed and checked. Expired flares are noted (another list!!), batteries are replaced, and each item is reconsidered for its usefulness in that unthinkable emergency scenario. Unfortunately, we discover that our EPIRB has “expired” - an $800 device we never even used and now we have to replace it?!? Yes, I know I should rejoice it didn’t need to be used, but still. A bit of research revealed we don’t have to replace it as Jeff first thought, we can simply have the battery replaced and the unit retested for about $200 or so. Quite the bargain for a boat. Wondering what we have decided to keep in our ditch bag? Check out our ditch bag list on ActiveCaptain.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lists, Lists, Lists

OK, so we all have our little quirks. One that Jeff and I share is a passion for lists. Going shopping, make a list. Weekend chores, make a list. Christmas coming, need another list. They’re all over the house, handwritten, printed out, on the computer, and on the mobile phones. Unfortunately, simply making the list isn’t enough - go figure. So we’ve prepared lists of things to get us ready to leave in August. Things to check, things to buy, and projects to complete. In the past we’ve even made a list of our lists! Now we need to get working!!! For tips on keeping lists on your mobile phone see our article series Mobile Phones on Your Boat.

Friday, February 13, 2009

She’s Buttoned Up Tight

After winterizing all the systems, aCappella, who is too large for inside storage, needed to be shrink-wrapped to protect her from Maine’s sometimes harsh winters. Journey’s End in Rockland, Maine did a great job padding all the rub spots and ensuring a tight seal. Unfortunately, they miscalculated a bit on the entry door making getting on and off the boat slightly challenging. But hey, being on a boat requires a certain nimbleness and maybe this will keep us prepared for next summer. Yes, she looks lonely but she receives a visit about every other week for a “once over” and a charging of the batteries. We work in a lunch in Rockland so it’s a nice winter diversion.

Fortunately, I regularly practice yoga........

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Sad Day, A Long Winter

Hauling aCappella last fall for a second winter on the hard was a sad day. But we cheered ourselves with thoughts of planning for our 2009-10 winter cruise. We’ve decide to leave our homeport of Castine, Maine in August ‘09 and not return until May ‘10 - our longest cruise yet. The goal: pictures of Dyna swimming in the Bahamas! There is much to do but the winter seemed to stretch out in front of us. It’s now February and, oh my, the time is flying! We thought that reviving our Blog might give us a much needed push. TakingPaws will now begin chronicling the preparations for the next adventure of a boat, a couple, and a couple of dogs.