Monday, August 21, 2017

Why Is It Always Dee Dee?

We all knew kids growing up who seemed to always have issues - broken bones, stitches, head stuck between the banisters... (OK, that last one was my twin brother, actually, all of them were - sorry Joel). On Red Head, it's Dee Dee. Today she did it again.

The morning was spent trying everything we could to fix her problem onboard and finally giving up and going to the vet.

Of course, "going to the vet" is a bit more complicated when you are 2 miles from shore on a mooring ball. First, we had to put her on the dinghy for the ride to the Castine Town Dock.

Then I had to borrow a friend's car (thank you, Bente!) and drive a half hour to Maine Coast Veterinary Hospital in Blue Hill, Maine. There she was whisked in for her emergency procedure.

So what did our little girl do this time?

She got one of the marrow bones her dad gave her and Dylan as a treat this morning wedged behind her canines. A sedative by the vet, a little manipulation, and it was off. Mom had to wait an hour for the sedative to wear off and then we did the whole travel thing in reverse.

She's still a bit dopey and even slept through lunchtime. Something I'm pretty sure Dylan has never done.

On the bright side, she is the star of the Maine Coast Veterinary Hospital Facebook page today...

For now, our little princess is taking it easy. Of course, I'm pretty sure if I offered her the same bone tomorrow, she'd grab it!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Dylan and Dee Dee's Ride

Dylan and Dee Dee love dinghy rides. It is the perfect example of both the journey and the destination being the reward. While a dinghy ride means they're going someplace fun - beach for a swim, to shore for a walk, or just a visit on the dock - they also enjoy the wind in their faces, the smells, and the sights on the ride over.

For Mom and Dad, the dinghy is the "car." A dinghy ride is often how they do their shopping, visit nearby friends, and get to where they want to go. It's a critical part of any cruising boat.

The Red Head crew has had several different rides over the years. On aCappella it was the 13 foot Caribe inflatable. She was great. We had hoped to move her to Red Head but she was too big for the well-deck.

So Mom and Dad bought the kids an 11 foot AB inflatable for Red Head. They've certainly put a few miles on her.

But maybe the whole crew's favorite ride is the 13 foot Whaler, Bada Bing, that we used in Castine. She's big, she's comfortable, and it's easy for Dylan and Dee Dee to jump in and out.

When we sold the house, she was turned over to our good friend Larry for care and feeding. He's done a great job. He brought her out to meet us when we arrived back in Castine and left her for our 2 mile ride to and from town.

Truth be told, the kids have loved all their rides over the years, just as long they eventually lead to swimming.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Maine Homecoming

We all have places that just feel like coming home. The Red Head crew finally pulled into Castine where we will be staying for a spell.

It's been two years but the old feelings were there. We watched through the fog for the first glimpses of Dyce Head Lighthouse.

Then the Castine Harbor bell buoy.

Even the State of Maine training vessel which sits beside the town dock.

Good friends Larry and Bill were our escort back to our mooring where we will sit for the next few weeks.

And then they made sure we were safely secured.

On this beautiful Maine day, it's good to be home.