Saturday, April 29, 2017


The crew was ready Thursday morning to throw off the lines and head towards the Chesapeake. Harnesses were on, Mom was ready with the lines, and Dylan and Dee Dee were in their "ready-to-go" places.

Then Dad says, "We can't leave." Turns out when he went to do the final engine room check, something our conscientious captain always does, he found diesel spraying from the port engine...

The Caterpillar mechanic was here on Friday morning and there are high hopes we can try again on Tuesday. Fingers and paws crossed.

So Dylan and Dee Dee are enjoying a few extra days here at Ortega Landing Marina. It gave Mom a chance to consult with primo Dog Mom JoDee on some ideas for helping Dee Dee.

JoDee reminded me of the benefits of raw marrow bones. Dylan has had them in the past but, since Dee Dee came onboard after Mom and Dad stopped eating meat, she has never had one. Fortunately, the nearby Publix had two packages. Per JoDee's instructions, we let them play with the bones for a bit and then took them up for more play tomorrow.

Dylan knew exactly what to do and wasted no time digging in.

Dee Dee was more timid and had to do some exploring first.

Finally, Dad stepped in to offer encouragement and Dee Dee started to get the hang of it.

The best way to see the difference between Dylan (dive in and ask questions later) and Dee Dee (I'd like to know what I'm eating) is via a video.

And the best news, there's plenty left for tomorrow

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happy Birthday, Dee Dee!!!

It's hard to believe that little Dee Dee is 4 years old. Time goes so quickly.

It seems like only yesterday we brought her onboard at just 7 weeks old. She learned immediately what it takes to be a good crew member. Her dad was very proud.

She's put a lot of miles under her keel since then. Always with her best buddy Dylan by her side.

There's been many adventures.

And, of course, some swimming. Always swimming...

We love our little girl, even as she remains our "problem child." And although Dylan may not always admit it, he likes her too. Happy birthday, princess! Looking forward to many more years of adventures!


Many of you have written to inquire about Dee Dee's colorful leg wrappings. We have been struggling with hot spots on her right forearm for months now. The wrapping served to keep the antibiotic salve in place, as well as, to try and keep her from licking it. Our girl proved too clever for that, as we fought a cycle of "it's almost healed" to "I found it" licking.

So we decided to take advantage of being in Jacksonville to visit one of our favorite vets on the east coast - and our various crew members have been to plenty. Dr. Tom Cox at Timuquana Animal Hospital took excellent care of Dyna 4 years ago soon before she crossed the rainbow bridge. We trusted him to help Dee Dee.

Dee Dee is now on a strong course of oral antibiotics, prescription antibacterial cream, and "doggy Prozac." Yes, after years (4 years?) of joking about our slightly high-strung girl, the jokes have become reality.

Dr. Cox also suggested the long-sleeve t-shirt method to keep her away from the spots. Mom discovered that finding a long-sleeve t-shirt in April in Florida is not easy - turns out they are "winter apparel." Snagged a couple on a clearance rack and then hit the jackpot at the Goodwill.

So now Dee Dee has a small wardrobe of cute tops, including this adorable one for her birthday.

It's been a hard week for her (and for Mom, who has handle this on her own as Daddy was gallivanting around Seattle). The drugs have made her very sleepy, sometimes not even getting up for a piece of ice! But we were told to expect this. Tomorrow we check in again with Dr. Cox and hopefully adjust the meds down.

The good news is she is well on the way to having her arm healed. The t-shirt trick really works - Thanks, Dr. Cox.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fun in Ortega!

Dylan and Dee Dee have settled into The Marina at Ortega Landing and are enjoying their afternoon romps in the field. Dylan has spent lots of time here playing with Dyna and other assorted dog friends. It has become a favorite stop for Dee Dee too.

Today was a special treat as they were joined by the former canine crew from Huckins Yachts. Deb (and hubby Walter) also spoil their crew, so everyone gets along just fine. There were old buddies Ty and Myia (sadly Abby crossed the rainbow bridge since our last visit), and there was newcomer Bailey, a 15 month old female Lab.

It didn't take long for Molly to join the fray and we had an all out Lab-fest going on.

There were big balls. There were little balls.

Dee Dee's favorite was one that squeaked.

Dylan's favorite was the treats.

Dylan loves the treats!

Who are we kidding, all Labs love the treats!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Moving On

Dylan and Dee Dee enjoyed their time at Peanut Island. After all, it did include two of their most favorite things - dinghy rides and beach swimming. Make that three - and their best buddy Gracie.

Now it's time to start heading north. Red Head's crew left Lake Worth last Friday and began meandering up the ICW towards Palm Coast Marina. Dylan and Dee Dee stayed alert watching for dolphins and other various sources of danger.

At times they were called on to help their dad pilot us to safety.

Even in confined quarters Dylan and Dee Dee stayed the course and did their duty.

We stayed at several lovely anchorages between Lake Worth and Palm Coast Marina. Now we're looking forward to a few days relaxing at the dock and visiting with good friends.