Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fun in Ortega!

Dylan and Dee Dee have settled into The Marina at Ortega Landing and are enjoying their afternoon romps in the field. Dylan has spent lots of time here playing with Dyna and other assorted dog friends. It has become a favorite stop for Dee Dee too.

Today was a special treat as they were joined by the former canine crew from Huckins Yachts. Deb (and hubby Walter) also spoil their crew, so everyone gets along just fine. There were old buddies Ty and Myia (sadly Abby crossed the rainbow bridge since our last visit), and there was newcomer Bailey, a 15 month old female Lab.

It didn't take long for Molly to join the fray and we had an all out Lab-fest going on.

There were big balls. There were little balls.

Dee Dee's favorite was one that squeaked.

Dylan's favorite was the treats.

Dylan loves the treats!

Who are we kidding, all Labs love the treats!


John said...

Love 'em, especially like the last picture!

Paula Sue Russell said...

You may have already mentioned this in comments elsewhere and I missed it...I have noticed Dee Dee's right foreleg bandaged for support for a while now. What is going on with our princess?

MV Red Head said...

Our princess is having an ongoing issue with hot spots. Covering them is about the only way to keep her off them - other than a cone of shame which she sometimes wears as well. We went way down the allergy route which probably plays somewhat into it. Becoming more convinced it is her slightly high-strung nature. True of many diva/princesses. Started her on calming treats yesterday, seeing a vet next week. Sigh...

It's a good thing she is so doggone cute!

Unknown said...

You can try dynavite it's a supplement , I use it with mick, he had a lot of issues with skin dynavite and omegas help enormously
They where recommended by Diane Bauman a world renowned trainer really good stuff try it for 30 days nothin to lose

Paula Sue Russell said...

Hot spots are definitely a difficult problem to diagnose. Charlie used to get them on his tail...no fun on that Golden tail with all that hair :-( Either he 'outgrew' his 'allergy' or whatever was causing them. We did change his food and tried the additives but nothing worked. After his last food change 4 years ago, he stopped developing hot spots. Good luck with Dee Dee. Charlie feels her pain.