Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Red Head Crew

One of the most common questions Dylan and Dee Dee hear is about how the newest crew member is fitting in. They thought the following series says it all...

Dee Dee: "I'm still the diva."

Dylan:  "Sigh..."

Tuesday, October 16, 2018



The Red Head crew decided to hunker down at AYB in Chesapeake, VA to let Hurricane Michael pass through. It was a tropical storm when it came through in the middle of the night. There was lots of noise and rain but little damage.

Dora now has a real storm under her belt. She slept through it...

Unfortunately, the crew’s home from last winter, Panama City Beach, did not fair so well. Everyone watched the news and saw pictures of the destruction of familiar places. The kids worried most about their friends from the dog park.

Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora are sending their warmest wishes to all the dogs and their humans at the Frank Brown Dog Park. We hope you weathered the storm and will recover quickly.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

On The Road Again

The Red Head crew left Solomons this morning to begin the slow ramble south. Everyone was happy to be on the move again. Each crew member found the perfect spot.

Dee Dee positioned herself in the shade with a cool breeze.

Dora found the sunny spot.

Handsome Dylan, always taking his rank of 1st Mate very seriously, settled in at the helm.

Red Head officially begins her winter 2018-2019 cruise. Looking forward to new adventures with our expanded crew. Dylan, Dee Dee and Dora hope to meet you along the way!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Catching Up

The Red Head crew wishes to apologize for being remiss in keeping up the blog. Mom and Dad have been busy with "boat stuff" and, until Siri is able to understand dog, the crew must depend on Mom to do the typing.

It's been a pretty dull time for Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora. Mostly, they've been hanging out at Mid Shore Electronics while Dad had the helm electronics redone.

Dee Dee had another run in with a hot-spot on her arm. Fortunately, Mom saved Dee Dee's "t-shirt wardrobe" and it was quickly resolved.

The kids did have a dinghy ride while at Mid Shore.

They had to help Dad try out the new chartplotter he had installed. The crew was way more interested in the sites than a silly chartplotter...

It has been very hot here on the Chesapeake Bay, so the crew has spent lots of time relaxing in the air conditioning. Such a hard life.

After spending some time at Zahniser's (they missed the end of season doggy pool party by a week or so, drats!), the crew made the trek across the creek to Calvert where Mom and Dad will be attending another Krogen rendezvous - Dylan's 8th, Dora's 1st. It's not the best event for the crew as Mom and Dad spend more time off the boat - sans kids, gasp!

But they do receive lots of attention and "everyone" has been wanting to meet Dora. Friday there's a dog parade - what could go wrong there?

Mom and Dad are already making plans to make-up for their weeks of neglect. Just look at those pitiful faces.