Sunday, October 22, 2017

You're Making the Crew Blush

Dylan and Dee Dee are blushing from all the attention their recent hiatus from their blog has created. And the kids are certainly not new to lots of attention. Many have written concerned that they are no longer doing their blog but they want to assure you that is not the case.

They blame it on their mom who has been slacking off lately. After all, what else does she possible have to do other than to see to the needs of her crew?

Dylan and Dee Dee have been enjoying some time in Portland while Mom and Dad sort through some boat projects, Garmin responsibilities, and life decisions. Mom and Dad bought them a car and found them a dog park. Life was good but was getting a little cold.

Next thing the crew knows we're bringing the boat to Albany, NY. What?!?!?

Red Head will be spending the winter there while she receives a spit and polish - new paint job, new bow thruster, and a few other things "since she's already out of the water." How will the pampered crew survive a cold Albany winter you ask? (That's Daddy hauling the anchor one cold morning.)

They won't. Red Head will spend the winter there. The crew has rented a house in Panama City Beach. They'll be heading south shortly with a brief stop at Grandma's. This will allow them to help Mom and Dad finish the Garmin transition and enjoy some time at the beach. Dad already found a nearby dog park.

How will this salty crew do living on land for the winter? Stay tuned.