Monday, February 26, 2018

Missing Daddy

Dylan and Dee Dee had a tough day or so while Daddy flew up to Albany to check on Red Head. Mommy could tell they were a bit out of sorts. She found them lying under the winter coat he left.

Or huddled close at her feet while she checked her email. Everyone missed him.

Daddy had to endure a room at the La Quinta all by himself.

This is more like it. Where's the waffles from the Bright Side Breakfast?!

Soon it was time to collect Daddy from the airport and the kids insisted on going along. Besides Mommy promised we'd go to the dog park as soon as we got Daddy. But it was Daddy they were most excited about.

Dylan and Dee Dee are glad to have Daddy back safe and sound.

After all, Mommy is stingy with the plate scraps. But they can always depend on Daddy!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

What's That!

Be honest. Aren't you just a bit curious what they are smelling? It is so intense. Doesn't it have to be something amazing? Ever had the urge to get down there and take a sniff? Go on, the kids won't tell.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Westminster Dog Show

Dylan and Dee Dee are getting ready to watch the final night of the Westminster Dog Show.

Dee Dee is pretty sure she's going to be Best in Show!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Just Another Day...

We know that the kids' blog has been pretty boring for their followers lately. Maybe it highlights why we like life onboard so much... But for the kids, all is good. They have their routine and if you own dogs then you know how they love a routine.

We all wake up at 6:30 when the school bus, which stops directly in front of the house, releases the air-brake - "Swoosh" is the new alarm clock. Then there's the walk around the block, breakfast, tussle and nap until it is dog park time, more nap, dinner, cuddle with Mom and Dad, bed and treat - then repeat.

The kids sure do love their dog park time.

Mom and Dad may be antsy to get back onoard, but Dylan and Dee Dee are happily settled in.

While there's not much new and exciting going on, you've said you miss seeing them. So, per your requests, they will make an effort to put up a picture or two more often. Hope you like sleeping dogs and dog parks. We have lots of pictures of those...