Sunday, November 24, 2013


We had almost finished crossing Mobile Bay with Jeff at the helm when he suddenly says, "Dolphins!" I looked out to see the familiar fins moving through the water towards the boat. I grabbed the wheel as Jeff hustled the dogs out to the bow while I tried to snap some photos through the window. It was Dee Dee's first dolphin sighting after all...

Dylan immediately knew what was up and ran to the edge to peer over. Dee Dee also knew something was up but couldn't figure out what. Jeff tried to coax her to look down at the four dolphins that were riding our bow wake.

But she was only interested in smelling the breeze. That's fine. There will be lots more dolphins in the coming months and with dolphin expert Dylan there to guide her, she'll catch on.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wavy, Wavy

There are a lot of things that I like about my handsome boy Dylan - his sweet disposition, his love of cuddling, that he truly does like to please. But one of my all time favorite things are the beautiful waves he has down his back. When he swims or has a bath they turn into masses of ringlets! He gets them from his papa, Cooper, a black Lab that also has beautiful waves down his back. People who meet our crew often comment on Dylan's beautiful curls.

When Dee Dee first joined our crew she had straight fur just like her great-great-grandmother Dyna. But just recently I've noticed that she's starting to get waves down her back. They're not as pronounced as Dylan's but there none the less.

Hmmm, does that mean maybe she'll pick up some of Dylan's other good traits? Oh boy, we sure hope so...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Back in Salt Water

Since leaving Midway Marina we have been moving down the last of the rivers. The crew enjoyed several days at Columbus Marina in Columbus, Mississippi, a beautiful town. Then on to Kingfisher Bay Marina in Demopolis, Alabama a very large and growing marina. Dylan and Dee Dee took daily walks on the docks at both places soaking up the attention.

We got to "experience" Bobby's Fish Camp in Silas, Alabama were we had to raft up to another boat to fit at the tiny dock. Dylan and Dee Dee liked that there were two dogs on the other boat as well. They managed to be entertained even though they couldn't get off the boat. In between our stops we anchored at a variety of places both lovely and dicey. That's part of the "experience" as well.

As we came through our final lock in Coffeeville, Alabama and approached Mobile Bay, we once again entered saltwater, something our hull hadn't felt since the Hudson River in New York. To Dee Dee saltwater is something new. Dylan immediately ran to the bow looking port and starboard for dolphins. I can only guess he knew the smell of the saltwater. Unfortunately, I think we need to venture a bit closer to the Gulf to find his buddies. But Dee Dee ran with great excitement sure that Dylan had something fun to show her. Patience, little girl.

We have settled for a bit at Dog River Marina in Mobile, Alabama. It's a high end boatyard with lots of docks and places to wander. We even found a field beside the yacht club where the crew can romp.

Somehow with all of the planning and traveling and visiting Jeff was able to complete the new ActiveCaptain Companion and get it ready for release tomorrow. Of course, it probably helped that he had his cracker-jack crew at hand.