Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time To Go

The plan was to get up at 6 am and head out for Myrtle Beach. All night we listened to the lines groaning as the boat was pushed and pulled by the wind. The morning greeted us with high winds, cold temperatures, and black ice on the docks. We quickly retreated back under the covers. Even the kids were happy for a bit more snooze time. We'll try the plan again tomorrow.

The day has been cold and dreary and the docks icy; none of us has left the boat. By mid-morning there were snow flurries. Dyna and Dylan were fascinated by the snow pile that blew up against the bow.

We have really enjoyed our time here at Bald Head Island and certainly needed the quiet downtime it gave us. We'll need a future post to fill you in on what makes this place special.

But seriously. Snow on the boat? It's definitely time to go.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What We'll Miss

We plan on leaving Bald Head Island on Saturday and heading farther south to Myrtle Beach. What we have loved most about our stay here has been the great natural beauty that surrounded us everywhere we went. Most every night we were presented with a gorgeous sunset out the stern of the boat. We will miss these things and are already planning on coming back - maybe getting a chance to see the hatching turtles next time.

What Dyna and Dylan will miss is Beach Access 4. Once or twice a day we took the kids off the boat for a romp. As we approached the end of the finger pier we'd either turn left to go to the field or right to go to... Beach Access 4. They'd pause, look at us, and then prance down the dock when we'd head right. Beach Access 4 has been the entry to many hours of swimming, chasing birds, and finding all variety of disgusting things washed up on the beach. Dyna and Dylan are hoping to be back also. And they wouldn't mind catching a glimpse of those turtles either - they're surely slower than the birds that Dylan has been chasing.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kids Update

The kids have finally regained their rightful position at the center of the universe. At least of our universe. We are back on a schedule of daily romps on the beach, chasing birds, and running in the field.

On New Years weekend, Will, who works for the Bald Head Island development group, loaned us a golf cart. Dyna and Dylan thought that was pretty cool.

We promptly took them out to Frying Pan Shoals, a shoal area going out over 17 miles into the ocean which we have circumnavigated many times on our trips up and down the coast. It was beautiful and we went back several times.

If there's reincarnation, then I want to come back as my dog.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aw Shucks, you know that place you go on the internet to find out about anything, released a review of ActiveCaptain today. You can find it here:

Personally, we think that Tom Lochhaas is a pretty bright guy.  He's our new favorite reviewer!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Taking Pause

When I was 4 or 5 my family went to the World's Fair in New York. I was young enough that I do not remember much but there are a couple of things that I clearly recall. One was the giant green Sinclair dinosaur and the wax replica they gave me. The other was “the home of the future” which extolled the many “modern conveniences” we would have in just a few short years, such as pushing a button and having dinner simply appear.

All these years later and few of those predictions came true but we still seem obsessed as a society with convenience. What we eat, where we live, who we see is decided by what is most convenient. And if it's inconvenient we often choose not to do it. It's sad because I have come to learn that the greatest joy can be found in the inconvenient. In fact, it is often the inconvenience that makes it special.

By most measures living on a boat is definitely inconvenient. Tasks that are trivial at a land-based home often require more time on the boat. Everyday things like groceries, laundry, and the mail require planning and coordination. A five minute run by car to the store for milk turns into an hour walk or bike ride.

So as we schlepped our suitcases and masses of dog paraphernalia onto the Bald Head Island ferry 3 weeks ago to face a second crisis in so many months and waited in frigid weather to meet a rental car only to do it all in reverse two weeks later, I pondered if the inconvenience was worth it. I decided that convenience is way overrated.

Without the inconvenience of living on my boat I wouldn't know what it's like to see the stars many miles offshore. I wouldn't have met hundreds of interesting people. I wouldn't have seen beaches and islands inaccessible by land. I wouldn't know what it's like to test and push my skills and comfort level. I wouldn't live so closely with those I love. I wouldn't know the comfort when friends and strangers rush to help in a crisis. I would be without the thousands of experiences this life has given me.

What I have discovered is that, while it may take a bit more time, all things can be worked out. Rental cars can be procured, boats can be tied up and secured, and folks everywhere are willing to offer a helping hand. A walk to the store can be a beautiful stroll. A trip to the laundry can lead to interesting conversations. “Inconvenience” makes us slow down and experience where we are. And I think where we are is pretty great.