Saturday, October 31, 2015


We pulled into Hinckley Yacht Services in Savannah, Georgia earlier this week for what we hoped was a simple fix to an exhaust leak. As boat adventures often go, the problem was bigger than we had hoped. So the crew settled in for a stay. It was no big deal, we've done this before.

What we didn't anticipate was being stranded on the dock! The center of the picture shows the railing that runs along the walkway to shore.  The walkway is totally under water. The crew's walk was going to have to wait until low tide...

A combination of a full moon, north blowing winds, the time of year, the tilt of the earth - and we think something Dee Dee may have done - made for super high tides. They were at least 2 feet higher than normal. Hinckley's office even flooded with about 6 inches of water covering the floor! Many were saying it was the highest tide they had ever seen in Savannah.

With a few days onboard and a few days timing their walks to the tides, the crew showed that they can meet any challenge with aplomb. Of course, a few extra treats doesn't hurt.

Fortunately, there's plenty of things to keep an eye on at a boatyard.

Today they get their real reward. A trip to Fort Pulaski for a long walk on the trails. This hardworking crew has certainly earned it!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Dolphin Watch

Today we did a day-hop offshore from St Johns Island Yacht Harbor in Charleston to Dataw Island Marina. As we were approaching the inlet we heard that distinctive snort that can only mean one thing. The crew ran to the pilothouse door with faces full of expectation and shot like two bullets out to the bow when their dad opened the door.

First they looked to port.

Then they looked to starboard.

Then they fanned out to cover the whole bow. Dad was pleased to report that many dolphins were spotted. Miss Dee Dee whimpered and whined as the dolphins leapt out of the water. Maybe she recognized some familiar buddies...

Eventually, the pod of dolphins moved on but Dylan and Dee Dee maintained their posts ever hopeful of their return. The crew has many cruising days ahead of them with many more dolphin sightings to come. We only hope they are not up-close and personal.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Makin' Hay

The aCappella crew spent several days at Morehead City Yacht Basin waiting for weather. It was a great place to be. The marina is terrific, there's a field where the crew can chase a bumper, and we were joined by lots of friends including numerous boats from the Krogen rendezvous.

Tuesday morning the weather window came and we joined the parade of boats leaving the marina at first light. It was finally our first offshore run since returning to the boat. 

Dylan and Dee Dee fell right into the routine. It was one of those wonderful times when the conditions were even better than the predictions. So by mid-afternoon we started looking at the overnight forecast and decided to keep on going to Charleston.

You have to make hay when the sun shines.

It's now 4:32 am and the conditions are fine. Dylan and Dee Dee are sleeping here in the pilothouse while their dad sleeps below. In a few hours the sun will rise. As soon as we have a faster internet connection we'll upload the crew's blog and pics.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Party, Party!

Last Sunday was the dispersing of the fleet following the annual Krogen rendezvous at Calvert Marina in Solomons, Maryland. It's a highlight of our fall cruising and one the crew has only missed once in the past 6 years, the year we did the American Great Loop.

Rendezvouses are often times of great tribulation for Dylan and Dee Dee as Mom and Dad leave the boat for talks and events and parties. You balk at "tribulation"? Have you ever had your supper served 5 minutes late? Or had to go a whole afternoon without a cuddle? 'Nuff said.

The Krogen rendezvous has a dog parade - Dylan won Runner Up for being so cute. There's two days of "Krogen Crawls" where people wander the docks touring the other Krogens. Even without living on a Krogen the crew managed to attract plenty of attention by hanging out on the cockpit. It really does pay to be cute.

Unfortunately, they don't attend the highlight of the event - the final dinner, party, and dance. It's the party of the year!

Now we're underway again moving south. There will be anchorages, some familiar stops, and some new locations. The crew adapts to whenever the day gives them.

Soon they'll be dreaming of the beaches of the Bahamas and romping again with their best Bahama buddy, Gracie. Oh, the trials and tribulations of this hard working crew...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Life is Really Good!

Diesel price at Top Rack Marina today. Yes, that's per gallon including taxes. No, we didn't use PhotoShop.

Haven't seen a price like that in more than ten years!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Life is Good

A beautiful evening at anchor off the Chesapeake Bay.

We had a rainbow that ran from the starboard side...

to the port side.

And then a brilliant blue off the cockpit.  Life is pretty good.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weathering the Storm

Like most boaters on the U.S. East Coast, the crew on aCappella has been keeping an eye on Hurricane Joaquin. For Dee Dee, this was her first hurricane. Dylan is more or less a pro having weathered Irene and Sandy. Of course, he had Dyna to keep him safe.

So as Dylan gave Dee Dee some pointers, Mom and Dad prepared the boat, putting out extra lines and fenders. We felt pretty good as Solomons, MD is well protected.

In the end it turned out to be little more than a bad rainstorm for us as Joaquin moved out to sea. Of course, we now know that parts of the Bahamas were devastated and a container ship is lost. So while we feel fortunate, we are reminded that it is Mother Nature who is in charge.

For the crew it meant the loss of some bumper chasing in the morning as their field turned to swamp. However, we still managed to work in a long walk or two. Dee Dee says she doesn't really understand what all this hurricane fuss is all about. The rest of the crew hopes she never finds out...