Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Party, Party!

Last Sunday was the dispersing of the fleet following the annual Krogen rendezvous at Calvert Marina in Solomons, Maryland. It's a highlight of our fall cruising and one the crew has only missed once in the past 6 years, the year we did the American Great Loop.

Rendezvouses are often times of great tribulation for Dylan and Dee Dee as Mom and Dad leave the boat for talks and events and parties. You balk at "tribulation"? Have you ever had your supper served 5 minutes late? Or had to go a whole afternoon without a cuddle? 'Nuff said.

The Krogen rendezvous has a dog parade - Dylan won Runner Up for being so cute. There's two days of "Krogen Crawls" where people wander the docks touring the other Krogens. Even without living on a Krogen the crew managed to attract plenty of attention by hanging out on the cockpit. It really does pay to be cute.

Unfortunately, they don't attend the highlight of the event - the final dinner, party, and dance. It's the party of the year!

Now we're underway again moving south. There will be anchorages, some familiar stops, and some new locations. The crew adapts to whenever the day gives them.

Soon they'll be dreaming of the beaches of the Bahamas and romping again with their best Bahama buddy, Gracie. Oh, the trials and tribulations of this hard working crew...

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