Friday, July 27, 2018

Not Much...

Many of you are wondering what has been happening with the Red Head crew. Not much, really

The kids enjoyed their week at the farm. Dora even touched noses with a llama - of course, Mom didn't have her camera.

Red Head went back into the water last Friday - right on schedule - to the crew's joy and amazement.

A quick trip had the crew back at Shady Harbor Marina by Saturday. Since then it has been lots of bad weather - rain, winds, and general yuck - that has kept the crew mostly boat-bound.

 They've slept.

And they've played.

But the big news of the week is that Dora has gone into heat. She's handling it like a little trouper. Her dad is staying ever vigilant. Mom and Dad have been anticipating this. The plan is to have her spade in the fall and it is best that she go through one heat beforehand.

Sweet boy Dylan has been comforting her with his special cuddles.

As for Mom and Dad, they have been using the time to get some projects off the list. If the weather keeps up, they may actually finish the list. But only if Dad stopping adding to it...

Update 7/28: After some trial and error - dog diapers used on Dyna and Dee Dee were too large, Pampers size 4 was too small - Pampers size 6 appears to be just right. Hopefully, no more droopy drawers on little Dora. But even more hopefully (is that a thing?), she will be done soon.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Oh, the misery...

Red Head pulled into the well at Scarano on Sunday ensuring she would be hauled Monday morning. After a few snafus, she was blocked on the hard and being inspected. Some tapping, some scraping, and a hole the size of a dime was revealed. Today the repair begins.

Mom was tasked with managing the dogs. It was hot, really hot, and humid. She found an old picnic table in the shade of the building.

The crew made the best of it.

However, by noon it was in the full sun, so Mom decided to get the rental car and crank up the A/C. Much better.

Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora finally made it to their new digs just in time for supper. It’s a studio apartment located on a farm. There are lamas...

and donkeys. And even some chickens.

The crew has a little fenced in yard where they are making their own private dog park. And when they become bored with each other, there’s plenty of other things to bark at.

Everyone is hoping for a quick repair but for now the crew is resting in the A/C while they wait for Dad to return from the boatyard.

Monday, July 9, 2018

It's deja vu all over again...

Red Head left Sag Harbor yesterday to head back to the Hudson River. There is some water coming in through the hull. Nothing serious - if you talk to Karen’s mom make sure not to use the word “sinking” - but it was decided it wouldn’t just heal itself and would probably get worse, so the crew is heading back to the boat yard.

This morning we made our way through New York Harbor. It was 8:00 am and rush hour was in full tilt. There was a strange roaring sound followed by a seaplane flying low overhead which landed in the harbor.  It was followed by a half dozen more.

Seems to be how some commute.

The crew is making the best of it. Dylan and Dee Dee helped Dad at the helm.

While Dora just took it all in.

We’re not complaining. It’s a beautiful trip up the Hudson River. Plus, the crew will get some more dog park time.  Hoping for a quick repair and then we’ll decide what our new plans will be.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

First Swim

The firsts just keep on coming. Today Dora had her first actual swim at a beach near Sag Harbor. She finally went in after Dee Dee to get the bumper.

Swimming is an important acitivty for the Red Head crew.

And it looks like you'll be seeing many more dog swimming pics! Stay tuned.