Friday, July 27, 2018

Not Much...

Many of you are wondering what has been happening with the Red Head crew. Not much, really

The kids enjoyed their week at the farm. Dora even touched noses with a llama - of course, Mom didn't have her camera.

Red Head went back into the water last Friday - right on schedule - to the crew's joy and amazement.

A quick trip had the crew back at Shady Harbor Marina by Saturday. Since then it has been lots of bad weather - rain, winds, and general yuck - that has kept the crew mostly boat-bound.

 They've slept.

And they've played.

But the big news of the week is that Dora has gone into heat. She's handling it like a little trouper. Her dad is staying ever vigilant. Mom and Dad have been anticipating this. The plan is to have her spade in the fall and it is best that she go through one heat beforehand.

Sweet boy Dylan has been comforting her with his special cuddles.

As for Mom and Dad, they have been using the time to get some projects off the list. If the weather keeps up, they may actually finish the list. But only if Dad stopping adding to it...

Update 7/28: After some trial and error - dog diapers used on Dyna and Dee Dee were too large, Pampers size 4 was too small - Pampers size 6 appears to be just right. Hopefully, no more droopy drawers on little Dora. But even more hopefully (is that a thing?), she will be done soon.


Hudson River Boater said...

Yes-- Let Dora go through "Heat"..

I guess no more Holes were found in Red Head??
Dads list will never end..

I really would love to meet the Crew-- I'll bring Bring Doggie Treats and something else for Mom & Dad..

Good Anchorage off Greenwich CT. Too..

203.695.4100-- Out of Westport, Ct..

MV Red Head said...

No additional holes found - and we really looked. Will be heading south from here in a few weeks. The crew will just have to suffer without ANY dog treats... 😉

Hudson River Boater said...

Any idea what caused the one hole?? Other than Steel & Saltwater..

I'm sure the Crew will have Plenty of Treats without me-- Maybe next time around I can can meet the Crew..

Cruise Safe-- Enjoy..