Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tres Amigos Reunion

It doesn't really matter where these best buddies meet, in the Bahamas, at Palm Beach, or on the moon. They always have a good time. Gracie's mom, Marilyn, emailed Dylan and Dee Dee some pics from their reunion two weeks ago on Carolina. The kids wanted to share them.

Dylan was his well behaved self.

And Dee Dee....

Of course, they were all good when the t-r-e-a-t-s came out

Monday Gracie and her people will be heading back north. It's been a great two weeks. Gracie and Dee Dee were swimming mavens.

Dylan focused on destroying every bit of palm tree he could find. Just like old times.

Safe travels Gracie. We hope to see you again soon.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


The winds finally subsided enough to take the dinghy down on Tuesday. The kids insisted that we go find their buddy, Gracie. The whole Red Head crew joined Gracie and her people, John and Marilyn, on the cockpit of Carolina.

Dee Dee managed to make herself right at home.

Wednesday blew like stink, so Thursday was our first trek to Peanut Island. The kids didn't waste a minute making up for lost time. After 3 days in a row, we now have an official routine.

The views may not be quite as spectacular as Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas. But for Dylan, Dee Dee, and Gracie, the swimming is just fine.

Monday, March 13, 2017

On The Road Again

Dylan and Dee Dee are happy to have finally thrown off the lines and headed back out on the water. Destination, Lake Worth.

This seasoned crew fell right into the routine. They even heard from their very best Bahamas buddy, Gracie, on the radio who is arriving today as well.

It'll be "Bahamas lite" as the three of them tear up the beaches at Peanut Island. But really does it matter where the beach is located? Swimming is swimming. And it's that much sweeter with your best buddy. Tomorrow, let the fun begin!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mutiny Averted?

Due to some unanticipated work on Red Head, the crew is finding itself still tied to the dock at the Hinckley yard in Stuart. We hope to be leaving shortly and heading south. But first there is some unfortunate news that Mom and Dad must break to the crew. The question was how to do it without inciting a mutiny.

First, make sure they are well rested - when are they not?

Then feed them their favorite meal - pretty much anything you put in their dish.

Next, lavish them with attention - especially belly rubs.

Finally, distribute some t-r-e-a-t-s.

Then the moment of truth. "Dylan, Dee Dee, Red Head's crew will not be going to Great Harbour Cay in the Bahamas this winter." (More treats and belly rubs.)

Mom and Dad explained that there were a lot of things going on now so the decision was made to simply head to Lake Worth, FL where we will anchor off of Peanut Island. We even showed them that it got 5 bones on the bringfido site. Not sure that convinced them.

So we pulled out the big guns. We would be meeting their much cherished Great Harbour Cay buddy, Gracie, (and her crew John and Marilyn) where we will swim at Peanut Island every day! Who could forget the fun they've had with Gracie?!

Hmmmm... Looks like they may be pacified for now. We'll still be keeping extra treats and belly rubs close for a while. Can't afford to have the crew mutiny. How would we run the boat without them?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Put It to the Test

This past week the new carpeting on Red Head was completed. Dylan and Dee Dee are happy to have the boat back to normal but will miss seeing Todd every day. Todd really likes dogs.

Now for the test. Can this carpet handle Labrador fur, I mean, those thousands of fibers of love and joy?

Here is a shot of the old dark brown wood floor in the salon a few hours after the Roomba finished.

This is a shot of the salon carpeting 48 hours after the last Roomba run. Pretty impressive.

Now Mom and Dad aren't foolish enough to believe that the crew sheds any less on the carpet than the wood floor. They're just happy not to be reminded. We'll still be running the Roomba pretty much every night but now if we forget - no one will know...

Except, of course, for Miss Dee Dee.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Well, We Never...

This week Dylan and Dee Dee have suffered more injustices. They were banished to the master stateroom while the new carpeting was being laid in the salon. OK, so maybe there are worse things than lying around on a soft bed, sniffing smells through the screen door, and getting an occasional belly rub. But they just couldn't help but wonder what great things were happening that they weren't a part of...

They passed the time with a little tussling.

A little goofiness (yes, that's a word, we Googled it).

In the afternoon they helped Daddy do some projects on the back deck. OK, maybe they just sat on the back deck while Daddy did some projects but there was lots of moral support going on.

They are scheduled to finish laying the carpet tomorrow. Then the crew can get back to their regular routine. That sure makes Dylan happy.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Little Chaos

No, we are not referring to Miss Dee Dee...

The kids have been living with much activity on Red Head for many months now. They've handled it well, even when they were forced to walk the scary plank. But most of the disruptions have been happening below decks and have had little impact on Dylan and Dee Dee's day to day life. This week that changed.

If you follow the kids' blog then you know that we have been planning a bit of interior design work. There were some new chairs and lamps but nothing of much interest to Dylan and Dee Dee. On Thursday Todd arrived to begin installation of the new - Yellow Lab compatible - carpet.

The first task was to remove the old carpeting and make the templates. The wall to wall carpet in the staterooms was pulled up. Dylan and Dee Dee saw their bed disappear as the floor was cleared of various items.

In the salon, the rugs, furniture, and yes, even their dog beds were piled around to provide access. With the templates now done, we all look forward to the new carpeting being placed.

How did our long suffering crew manage during this process?

They barely squeaked by....

PostScript:  The Kids' Reward

As a reward for the extreme fortitude that Dylan and Dee Dee have shown, Mom and Dad brought down the dinghy and took the kids for a ride. Of course, there was swimming involved. It's always a good day when swimming is involved.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Home at Last!

After 16 nights in a La Quinta hotel, the entire Red Head crew was happy to have the boat splashed on Friday afternoon.

First, there was one last walking of the plank up to the salon where the crew awaited the much anticipated moment. While none of us loved being "thrown" out of our home, it was especially challenging for Dylan and Dee Dee but, as always, they handle it with much aplomb.

Mom and Dad forced them to wait in the car while the actual event took place. It was really best for all involved. Don't be fooled by the faces - it was pure drama.

Before we knew it, Red Head was afloat once more with hardly a leak in sight.

Dylan and Dee Dee quickly found their way back onboard and settled right in. And the very best part was...

Sleeping in their own bed again. Life is good!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Some More Firsts...

It's been a hectic week. Red Head was hauled for some out of the water work causing the kids to make some adjustments. We are at Hinckley Yacht Services in Stuart and the manager, Brian, kindly offered us the use of a conference room to hold the kids. But Mom wisely decided that there was too much of a chance of barking if they were left inside while we were working outside on projects. So Dad began figuring out how to get them onboard.

After various solutions were tried, we ended up with the "double ramps on yard blocks." Yeah, looks pretty intimidating...

After several false starts, Dylan ran up, turned around and ran back down. Promising. We got him up again and settled inside. Which left Miss Dee Dee. After many, many tries we got her up. Down was not much better but it worked.

Sorry, there are no pictures from the actual event but Mom and Dad were a little busy while that was going on.  So Dylan and Dee Dee are spending their days onboard Red Head while she is on the hard - a first for both of them. Only 10 or so more days to go... sigh!

Fortunately, there was a more enjoyable first Thursday evening. Dee Dee was invited to her first dinner party. Lori and Greg onboard Meander invited the whole Red Head crew to their boat for dinner. Dylan has been on several boats for dinner parties, even being invited back a second time. We feared it might be Dee Dee's first and last.

But  little Miss Dee Dee did quite well, rearranging some of the shoes and sneaking onto the salon sofa when no one was looking, but no damage was done. At least, as far as we know.

It was Dylan who had a bit of a freakout when some firecracker sounds went off in the distance. He climbed onto Mom's lap and then wiggled between Mom and Dad at the table. Lori and Greg were very kind and said they didn't mind.

But soon the excitement got the best of Dylan as he fell asleep sitting up. Poor old guy...

The whole Red Head crew had a lovely evening but were happy to get to what is home for the next couple of weeks - a room at the La Quinta.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Interior Design

We have been working steadily at improving the guts of Red Head. The focus has been on improving her systems and bringing her up to date. This week we will be hauled by Hinckley Yacht Services in Stuart to have dripless shaft seals installed, two more depth sounders added to the hull, and various other out of the water jobs completed. Up until now most of what we have done has been below deck in the engine rooms.

Since we'll be here for awhile, we decided to start work on the living areas. There's really not much to do. The previous owners turned her interior into a bright, beach house kind of look. Dad likes to call it a "Nantucket look." It suits the whole crew quite well.

Of course, we added some personal touches when we moved aboard - some of our favorite photos.

A utensil holder that was a gift from our dear friend Sue.

A few paintings to remind us of Maine. It's those little things that make it feel like home.

Today we met with a interior designer who can help us with the floors, upholstery, some additional furniture, and paint. She's mainly helping us with color choices and putting together a plan we can use into the future.

Often people will come to a meeting like this with examples of what they are looking for. It could be the blue of a pretty piece of sea-glass.

Maybe the beautiful pinks from the inside of a conch shell. Or just a favorite shade of green.

But on Red Head our main color selection is Labrador Retriever fur - I mean, those thousands of heavenly fibers of love and joy. Right now, most of the flooring and upholstery is very dark and doesn't work with the dog fur in-between Roomba launchings.

The designer left with the task of finding colors and materials that are easy to clean and will hide Dylan and Dee Dee's fur - I mean, those thousands of heavenly fibers of love and joy.  After all, it just wouldn't be home without it.