Thursday, November 19, 2020

What happen?

We’ve had quite a few people asking why the crew hasn’t posted a blog entry in weeks. There’s not much happening. The days have been much of the same with the main excitement being when Mom and Dad bring in a pizza.

Like every stop, the crew finds a routine. Brunswick Landing Marina has a new dog park and we’ve been going nearly every morning. 

On the down side, there is rarely more than the Red Head crew there. Dora loves lots of dog. But on the upside, it means Dee Dee gets to romp. (More on Dee Dee in a future post.) The two girls have developed a good playing relationship, finally, which has led to some cute play sessions on the boat as well.

Everyone is doing fine. We hope to move south soon. The crew is looking forward to the next stop which has another terrific dog park. Why else did Mom and Dad pick it...


Lawrence Leonard said...

Will you have to stay on that face dock? The Easterlies can really rip through the breakwater entrance to the marinas! Your beautiful boat will make an impressive sail for wind and waves coming in off the river. Stay safe and move over if you can. Have fun with the kids. Maybe they'll get a chance to chase a wood stork!
Fair winds and Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence C.L.O.D.

MV Red Head said...

We are here until A dock is free - a couple weeks 🤞. Had easterlies for several hours today and they rocked even this big ole girl. The wood storks are impressive. Pretty sure one could carry off one of the kids. Good to hear from you. Hope you are well. Stay safe.
The Red Head crew