Monday, May 14, 2018

Dora's First Voyage

Today we took Red Head out for a sea trial to check the new bow thruster, shaft changes, and other miscellaneous work. It was pretty exciting to be underway, even if it was just a short jaunt up and down the river. Things went very well with the most exciting part being:  it was Dora's first time underway on Red Head.

Dylan and Dee Dee showed her where to hunker down.

But it was hard to settle down with so many new things to see.

Mom and Dad were very pleased with Dora's performance with the exception of her displaying her baying skills when Mom was below handling lines and Dad was using the remote on the Portuguese  bridge.  She made up for it, though, by whining at the pilothouse stairs to go out and use the poop deck while underway. Now that's a good girl.

Dora did eventually settled down with the rest of the crew.

She even enjoyed chewing on one of her many toys.

Now that is one fine looking crew. We're looking forward to putting many more miles under the keel.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Final Forever Home

The whole Red Head crew is excited to be back onboard. It may be a little dusty and disorganized but it's definitely home sweet home.

The kids have been making the best of it as Mom and Dad clean, uncover cushions, and try to put things to rights.

Dora has been turning to Dylan and Dee Dee when she feels uncertain and has been settling in nicely. As for the all important "poop deck", she followed the older crew's lead and used it within the first hour of being onboard. Since then, it has been a bit more hit and miss, with the hits increasing. Fortunately, Mom and Dad decided to leave the carpet coverings on for a while.

It's been many weeks of moving from place to place. Dora is probably wondering how long before we move to the next house. Little does she know that this is her final forever home.

Welcome to the Red Head crew, Dora.