Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cruising Regatta

The annual George Town Cruising Regatta has begun. It started with a Pet Parade. Dylan and Dee Dee decided to forgo costumes because they think they are cute enough by themselves, and, well, they also would have just torn them off anyway.

But that didn't mean they didn't still win a medal. (Every entrant got a medal but please don't tell them that). Of course, the real prize was the small stack of dog treats. Now you know why they are sitting so nicely.

Later in the afternoon, Dylan and Dee Dee helped Mom and Dad give their Medical Emergencies Onboard talk. They were a huge help.

It was a full day for this hardworking crew. They didn't even mind being left onboard the next day when Mom and Dad went into George Town for the Cruiser's Variety Show, where they sang a tune for the crowd.

And watched some local talent. It will be a busy week of Regatta events. But the main event will continue to be time on the beach chasing coconuts. That's an event that's hard to beat.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Making the Rounds

Despite the windy days, Dylan and Dee Dee have be able to get to shore almost every day. Most times, it's for a romp on nearby Sand Dollar Beach. aCappella is anchored way in the background, so it's an easy trip, even with a bit of wind.

Dylan and Dee Dee don't care too much where they go, as long as they take a dinghy ride to get there.

Sometimes it's to the Chat 'n' Chill.

One evening they attended the Clothes On Beach Party with Mom and Dad.

It's all good. But in the end, it's hard to beat a good coconut tussle on the beach.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Big Waves

Dylan and Dee Dee took a walk across the island to the ocean side and found big waves. These were the biggest ones this crew had encountered.

Dylan proved to be the most fearless, leaping right in. Although, there were a few that even turned him back.

Dee Dee was less certain and often would approach and watch as the wave rolled to shore only to retreat before it broke. But even Dee Dee had her braver moments.

Big waves, little waves, or no waves. Give Dylan and Dee Dee a beach and something to retrieve and they'll always have a good time!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Honeymoon Beach

It's been a busy time here at George Town, Exuma, Bahamas for Dylan and Dee Dee. They have been collecting lots of pictures but unfortunately their mom has been too busy to get them up. ActiveCaptain has a very big announcement happening next week at the Miami Boat Show but that is still no excuse...

Dylan and Dee Dee were thinking of planning another mutiny. Then they remembered that Mom is the provider of breakfast, supper, and treats. They decided not to bite the hand that feeds them. Plus they have been enjoying daily dinghy rides to shore.

Yesterday was a trip to Honeymoon Beach where we landed with our dinghy bag full of all the items required for a romp onshore - treats, water, pickup bags, and of course, throwing bumpers. We spend a small fortune each year on dog toys, including a variety of bumper toys that float. So what did the kids want to retrieve? The quarter sliver of coconut husk that Dylan found on the beach.

Competition was fierce with Dylan even breaking from his usual method of waiting for Dee Dee to bring it most of the way back. He was often the first one in.

Dylan might be bigger than Dee Dee but that little girl certainly held her own.

But then when you are fighting for the ultimate prize, a discarded chunk of coconut husk, you pull out all the stops.