Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cruising Regatta

The annual George Town Cruising Regatta has begun. It started with a Pet Parade. Dylan and Dee Dee decided to forgo costumes because they think they are cute enough by themselves, and, well, they also would have just torn them off anyway.

But that didn't mean they didn't still win a medal. (Every entrant got a medal but please don't tell them that). Of course, the real prize was the small stack of dog treats. Now you know why they are sitting so nicely.

Later in the afternoon, Dylan and Dee Dee helped Mom and Dad give their Medical Emergencies Onboard talk. They were a huge help.

It was a full day for this hardworking crew. They didn't even mind being left onboard the next day when Mom and Dad went into George Town for the Cruiser's Variety Show, where they sang a tune for the crowd.

And watched some local talent. It will be a busy week of Regatta events. But the main event will continue to be time on the beach chasing coconuts. That's an event that's hard to beat.

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