Saturday, February 6, 2016

Honeymoon Beach

It's been a busy time here at George Town, Exuma, Bahamas for Dylan and Dee Dee. They have been collecting lots of pictures but unfortunately their mom has been too busy to get them up. ActiveCaptain has a very big announcement happening next week at the Miami Boat Show but that is still no excuse...

Dylan and Dee Dee were thinking of planning another mutiny. Then they remembered that Mom is the provider of breakfast, supper, and treats. They decided not to bite the hand that feeds them. Plus they have been enjoying daily dinghy rides to shore.

Yesterday was a trip to Honeymoon Beach where we landed with our dinghy bag full of all the items required for a romp onshore - treats, water, pickup bags, and of course, throwing bumpers. We spend a small fortune each year on dog toys, including a variety of bumper toys that float. So what did the kids want to retrieve? The quarter sliver of coconut husk that Dylan found on the beach.

Competition was fierce with Dylan even breaking from his usual method of waiting for Dee Dee to bring it most of the way back. He was often the first one in.

Dylan might be bigger than Dee Dee but that little girl certainly held her own.

But then when you are fighting for the ultimate prize, a discarded chunk of coconut husk, you pull out all the stops.

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