Sunday, September 10, 2017

It's Time To Go

After 5+ weeks here in our beloved Castine, it is time to go. We have monitored the storms, checked the weather, and Red Head is prepped for passage. We'll safely eke our way south, moving whenever we can.

Goodbye Castine. Goodbye dear friends. We love you all.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Castine, Maine

Our planned month long stay in our old hometown of Castine, Maine flew by. The crew apologizes for being remiss in their blog postings but it has been a busy time.  Of course, there has been swimming.

There was swimming at Indian Bar.

And Fort Madison.

And Smith Mills near the falls.

And Sheep Island.

The whole Red Head crew has enjoyed our secure spot tucked in behind Sheep Island.

The kids even spent a few days on a schooner mooring close to town.

Dylan and Dee Dee had front row seats for the Maine Maritime Academy freshman jump into the water.

There were walks about town and visits with friends at the town dock.  The kids have been having a grand time. A particular highlight was when Rocie and Glenn, the new owners of Dylan and Dee Dee's house on Main Street, invited them in for a visit.  Yes, Mom warned them but overall the kids were great.

After checking their old "puppy chow" spot for forgotten food and examining every room for any changes, they settled into one of their favorite spots, the kitchen sun-room. Dylan has spent many hours there guarding against killer squirrels. He immediately took up his old post. Dee Dee was just looking because Dylan was...  Thank you, Rocie, for the wonderful pictures!

September 1st, our planned departure date, has now come and gone. We waited for rough seas offshore to pass and now we wait to see what Hurricane Irma will do.  Our hope is that we can move in the next few days. It reminds all of us how small we are.  The main thing is to keep the crew safe.

The entire crew of Red Head wishes all of our cruising friends safety in the storm. Remember, anything can be replaced except for those we love.