Friday, March 30, 2018

Definitely BFF's

Dora and Dee Dee have come to be best buddies. Who would have guessed our little diva would yield to another princess? They love their morning and afternoon play sessions. They cuddle up for their naps. Mom even caught Dee Dee scratching to get Dora out during one of Dora's crate times.

How does Dylan like all this ruckus? He'll join in the activities.

But he's just as happy to have some peace and quiet from those raucous young'uns.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Safety First

The Red Head crew always observes safety first whether we're cruising the waterways or the highways. Dylan and Dee Dee are always secured to the car seat belt through their safety harnesses when they go for a ride in the car. Mom went to get one for Dora and found that Kurgo had a "new and improved (and much more expensive)" version and decided to try it.

Fortunately, we have no actual experience in a car crash but this harness certainly appears more substantial. Mom ordered two more, now every crew member has one. We tried the harnesses out on our daily trip to the dog park. They're a bit more complicated, which Mom thinks adds to the safety factor.  As a result, it takes longer to hustle the kids into the back seat. Hopefully, everyone will get better at it with practice.

That's a lot of dog! Maybe we need a bigger car...

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Our little diva, aka Miss Dee Dee, is finding that having a little sister around can have it's advantages. For one thing, she doesn't have that frantic Lab food obsession. That means she is prone to leaving crumbs around after her treats. Dora has even left part of her treat to come back to later. Dylan loved that and Dora hasn't made that mistake again.

Dee Dee and Dora have started having a morning playtime. It can get a little rambunctious but then so can Dylan and Dee Dee.

Dee Dee and Dora even became partners in crime when one of them grabbed dad's napkin while he wasn't looking.

Looks like we have a very contented crew.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


The crew is gradually settling into their new routine. No one would say Dee Dee is thrilled but she is becoming more accepting. It's a good lesson for the little diva.

True to form, Dylan is handling the situation with his usual aplomb. He loves to play with her, yet doesn't hesitate to let her know when she has gone too far.

Dora is quickly learning the ways of the Red Head crew, including when Dad has his afternoon snack.

Dora has fierce separation anxiety which she expresses quite vocally. It may have been what caused her to be abandoned - but come on folks, there's better ways to handle that - or it may have been caused by her being abandoned. We'll never know. We've started working with her on short separations. Mom will be heading back to Petsmart this morning as soon as they open to get a Thundershirt. We have friends who have found success. At this point, the car could drive to the store on its own and Mom is almost on a first-name basis with the staff. Have a puppy? Just open your wallet and dump out the contents.

Will this be the new Red Head crew? We'll keep you posted.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Big Day

Mom and Dad decided that anyone who was even casually looking for sweet Dora would have found her by now. After all, her picture is more places than the Kardashians. Now it's time to figure out her permanent home. There are a couple of good prospects.

It's time to acknowledge our new responsibility. Dora paid a visit to the vet were she was proclaimed to be in excellent condition. She received shots (ouch!) and tests and came home with a bag full of goodies. The vet thinks she is about 5-6 months old (what we thought) and is foxhound "with a little something else mixed in."

The whole ordeal pretty much wiped her out and she was happy to get back home and cuddle up with Dylan for a bit.

Mom decided to sneak off with Dee Dee to Petsmart to try and find some decent puppy food. Dee Dee was happy to browse the aisles. She received many compliments and even some treats at the checkout counter. Maybe she'll warmup to Dora after all...

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dora Runs with the Big Dogs

Dora spent her second day at the dog park. She definitely has an affinity for the big dogs.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Rainy Day, Day 3

We woke to a rainy day which means no dog park. But Dylan and Dora had their own little romp in the living room. Dee Dee seemed perturbed by the whole spectacle.

Mom thinks Dee Dee kinda wanted to join in, but, you know, then she'd have to admit she was interested.

Finally, Dee Dee decided she'd show-off by grabbing Dad's napkin. Dylan and Dora were unimpressed.

All's well that ends well.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Dora, Day 2

Dora had a good night in the collapsible crate we always bringing on our travels. She snores as she drifts off to sleep but settles down once she's out. We've spread the word far and wide, being helped by friends and strangers and the local authorities. Another day or two and we'll have to assume she was abandoned. Hard to imagine when you meet her.

Last night she was invited to attend the local neighborhood watch meeting and she was a big hit with several asking to let them know if she's up for adoption. A wonderful woman stopped her car during our walk this morning to inquire about her and let us know they had a video recording of her on their porch early the previous morning.  Her husband caught up with us on bike a bit later and said they might be interested in adopting her. We won't let her go easy but think there is definitely a good home out there for her.

Today she made what may have been her first trip to a dog park. Mom's worries about taking her there were for naught. She loved it and every dog and person she met. Her favorite was a young female Doberman.

They played almost nonstop the entire time.

To be honest, Mom was most concerned about having Dora in the backseat with snippy Miss Dee Dee. But Dylan kept an eye on her.

All is quiet for now. Looking forward to what the rest of the day will bring.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dog Found!


Life often has a way of taking over and deciding what you will do next. As we were heading back to the house on our early morning walk, the cutest little pup came running down the middle of the street right towards us. She leapt and ran circles around Dylan and Dee Dee. Mom and Dad looked around for an owner chasing after her and saw no one. We checked for a collar, nothing. The crew kept walking as we thought she would soon run off to her home. She didn't.

As we approached the busier through street, with the little angel still in tow, Mom decided we couldn't let her continue running down the street. Dad jerry-rigged a collar and we brought her back to the house.

Dad made signs and Mom canvassed the neighborhood but couldn't find a sole who had ever seen her. A lovely women suggested we have her checked for a microchip. Off we went to the 24-hour vet - things like this always happen on a Sunday - but she did not have a chip. The vet suggested a Panama City Beach site for lost dogs. Dad has been posting her picture everywhere.

On the way home from the vet, Dad insisted on stopping at Petsmart to get her a pink collar and leash and a few other things. Forty bucks later we're heading back to the house.

Dylan thinks having a new play buddy is fun. Dee Dee's not so sure.

Dee Dee decided to growl and snap if the puppy got too close. And god forbid if she tried to get into Dee Dee's bed.

Shhhhh.... Whatever you do, don't tell Dee Dee.

Ahhhh... But Dee Dee just might be coming around.

This afternoon we'll all be walking the neighborhood to see if anyone recognizes her. We'll put some posters up further afield and keep watching the posts. She has such a sweet, loving personality, it's hard to imagine someone not missing her terribly. So you ask what will happen if we don't find her home? Well, Dad just decided she needs a name. It's Dora.