Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dog Found!


Life often has a way of taking over and deciding what you will do next. As we were heading back to the house on our early morning walk, the cutest little pup came running down the middle of the street right towards us. She leapt and ran circles around Dylan and Dee Dee. Mom and Dad looked around for an owner chasing after her and saw no one. We checked for a collar, nothing. The crew kept walking as we thought she would soon run off to her home. She didn't.

As we approached the busier through street, with the little angel still in tow, Mom decided we couldn't let her continue running down the street. Dad jerry-rigged a collar and we brought her back to the house.

Dad made signs and Mom canvassed the neighborhood but couldn't find a sole who had ever seen her. A lovely women suggested we have her checked for a microchip. Off we went to the 24-hour vet - things like this always happen on a Sunday - but she did not have a chip. The vet suggested a Panama City Beach site for lost dogs. Dad has been posting her picture everywhere.

On the way home from the vet, Dad insisted on stopping at Petsmart to get her a pink collar and leash and a few other things. Forty bucks later we're heading back to the house.

Dylan thinks having a new play buddy is fun. Dee Dee's not so sure.

Dee Dee decided to growl and snap if the puppy got too close. And god forbid if she tried to get into Dee Dee's bed.

Shhhhh.... Whatever you do, don't tell Dee Dee.

Ahhhh... But Dee Dee just might be coming around.

This afternoon we'll all be walking the neighborhood to see if anyone recognizes her. We'll put some posters up further afield and keep watching the posts. She has such a sweet, loving personality, it's hard to imagine someone not missing her terribly. So you ask what will happen if we don't find her home? Well, Dad just decided she needs a name. It's Dora.


Hudson River Boater said...

Looks like a nice Doggie-- Must have a Owner.. One would think that the Owner is missing there Dog..

Have'n 3 D's wouldn't be bad either.. Picking up 8 D's is worse.. Get it?? Lol..

Bob said...

Excellent job - Dora is very lucky to have run into you folks.

Ron said...

Hope Dora like water.

Ken and Trudy Price said...

Dora, short for aDORAble, by the look of your pictures. Such a typically selfless act for you two to undertake. Hope she gets the happy ending she deserves!