Friday, March 23, 2018

Safety First

The Red Head crew always observes safety first whether we're cruising the waterways or the highways. Dylan and Dee Dee are always secured to the car seat belt through their safety harnesses when they go for a ride in the car. Mom went to get one for Dora and found that Kurgo had a "new and improved (and much more expensive)" version and decided to try it.

Fortunately, we have no actual experience in a car crash but this harness certainly appears more substantial. Mom ordered two more, now every crew member has one. We tried the harnesses out on our daily trip to the dog park. They're a bit more complicated, which Mom thinks adds to the safety factor.  As a result, it takes longer to hustle the kids into the back seat. Hopefully, everyone will get better at it with practice.

That's a lot of dog! Maybe we need a bigger car...

1 comment:

Bob said...

Our pup Booster always in a Kurgo harness. Would you let your kid ride unrestrained? Cars are very safe with airbags etc., but you have to remain inside the car to take advantage of those safety features. Great job with getting all three into harnesses!