Monday, March 5, 2018

Dora, Day 2

Dora had a good night in the collapsible crate we always bringing on our travels. She snores as she drifts off to sleep but settles down once she's out. We've spread the word far and wide, being helped by friends and strangers and the local authorities. Another day or two and we'll have to assume she was abandoned. Hard to imagine when you meet her.

Last night she was invited to attend the local neighborhood watch meeting and she was a big hit with several asking to let them know if she's up for adoption. A wonderful woman stopped her car during our walk this morning to inquire about her and let us know they had a video recording of her on their porch early the previous morning.  Her husband caught up with us on bike a bit later and said they might be interested in adopting her. We won't let her go easy but think there is definitely a good home out there for her.

Today she made what may have been her first trip to a dog park. Mom's worries about taking her there were for naught. She loved it and every dog and person she met. Her favorite was a young female Doberman.

They played almost nonstop the entire time.

To be honest, Mom was most concerned about having Dora in the backseat with snippy Miss Dee Dee. But Dylan kept an eye on her.

All is quiet for now. Looking forward to what the rest of the day will bring.

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