Monday, July 9, 2018

It's deja vu all over again...

Red Head left Sag Harbor yesterday to head back to the Hudson River. There is some water coming in through the hull. Nothing serious - if you talk to Karen’s mom make sure not to use the word “sinking” - but it was decided it wouldn’t just heal itself and would probably get worse, so the crew is heading back to the boat yard.

This morning we made our way through New York Harbor. It was 8:00 am and rush hour was in full tilt. There was a strange roaring sound followed by a seaplane flying low overhead which landed in the harbor.  It was followed by a half dozen more.

Seems to be how some commute.

The crew is making the best of it. Dylan and Dee Dee helped Dad at the helm.

While Dora just took it all in.

We’re not complaining. It’s a beautiful trip up the Hudson River. Plus, the crew will get some more dog park time.  Hoping for a quick repair and then we’ll decide what our new plans will be.


Hudson River Boater said...

Coming in through the Hull?? Not coming in through a Thru Hull Fitting??

MV Red Head said...

She's a steel boat and there seems to be some leaking along a weld - old repair, probably. We're guessing the blasting created a pinhole which will only get worse if not fixed. It's part of the joy of boating!

Hudson River Boater said...

So-- What's the Prognosis??
I'm guessing Red Head is sitting on Blocking by now..

By Chance-- Is Red Head here:

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