Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time To Go

The plan was to get up at 6 am and head out for Myrtle Beach. All night we listened to the lines groaning as the boat was pushed and pulled by the wind. The morning greeted us with high winds, cold temperatures, and black ice on the docks. We quickly retreated back under the covers. Even the kids were happy for a bit more snooze time. We'll try the plan again tomorrow.

The day has been cold and dreary and the docks icy; none of us has left the boat. By mid-morning there were snow flurries. Dyna and Dylan were fascinated by the snow pile that blew up against the bow.

We have really enjoyed our time here at Bald Head Island and certainly needed the quiet downtime it gave us. We'll need a future post to fill you in on what makes this place special.

But seriously. Snow on the boat? It's definitely time to go.


Unknown said...

I see you made it to Myrtle Beach. Well you had snow, and we had snow and -10 degrees. I believe it was worse in Maine! South is surely the direction to go.
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Lawrence S/V Elle & I (Freezing)

Anonymous said...

Are you in Castine? If not,why does the newsletter say you are?