Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What We'll Miss

We plan on leaving Bald Head Island on Saturday and heading farther south to Myrtle Beach. What we have loved most about our stay here has been the great natural beauty that surrounded us everywhere we went. Most every night we were presented with a gorgeous sunset out the stern of the boat. We will miss these things and are already planning on coming back - maybe getting a chance to see the hatching turtles next time.

What Dyna and Dylan will miss is Beach Access 4. Once or twice a day we took the kids off the boat for a romp. As we approached the end of the finger pier we'd either turn left to go to the field or right to go to... Beach Access 4. They'd pause, look at us, and then prance down the dock when we'd head right. Beach Access 4 has been the entry to many hours of swimming, chasing birds, and finding all variety of disgusting things washed up on the beach. Dyna and Dylan are hoping to be back also. And they wouldn't mind catching a glimpse of those turtles either - they're surely slower than the birds that Dylan has been chasing.

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