Sunday, November 24, 2013


We had almost finished crossing Mobile Bay with Jeff at the helm when he suddenly says, "Dolphins!" I looked out to see the familiar fins moving through the water towards the boat. I grabbed the wheel as Jeff hustled the dogs out to the bow while I tried to snap some photos through the window. It was Dee Dee's first dolphin sighting after all...

Dylan immediately knew what was up and ran to the edge to peer over. Dee Dee also knew something was up but couldn't figure out what. Jeff tried to coax her to look down at the four dolphins that were riding our bow wake.

But she was only interested in smelling the breeze. That's fine. There will be lots more dolphins in the coming months and with dolphin expert Dylan there to guide her, she'll catch on.

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John said...

That short sleeve shirt look great! It's freezing in PA. Happy Thanksgiving!