Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Moving On

Dylan and Dee Dee enjoyed their time at Peanut Island. After all, it did include two of their most favorite things - dinghy rides and beach swimming. Make that three - and their best buddy Gracie.

Now it's time to start heading north. Red Head's crew left Lake Worth last Friday and began meandering up the ICW towards Palm Coast Marina. Dylan and Dee Dee stayed alert watching for dolphins and other various sources of danger.

At times they were called on to help their dad pilot us to safety.

Even in confined quarters Dylan and Dee Dee stayed the course and did their duty.

We stayed at several lovely anchorages between Lake Worth and Palm Coast Marina. Now we're looking forward to a few days relaxing at the dock and visiting with good friends.


Lady Susan said...

Love your blog. Thanks so much for sharing. We are about to head out with our 37 pound golden doodle and was hoping you could update me on the harnesses your kids are using these days. Like the Ruffwear but concerned that Grace will find it too warm. Any advice is appreciated.

MV Red Head said...

Lady Susan,

I wouldn't worry about her getting hot. The harnesses do not cover enough to bother them. Labs have a very thick undercoat that allows them to swim in very cold water and the harnesses don't bother ours. Just practice the usual common sense - provide shade and water.

Having said that, I am not completely satisfied with any of them. Dylan's is a Pinnacle from Kurgo which I like but the metal rusts. Dee Dee's has plastic clips but the handle is small. I just mentioned to Jeff that, when I find some time, I'm going to do another search...