Saturday, April 29, 2017


The crew was ready Thursday morning to throw off the lines and head towards the Chesapeake. Harnesses were on, Mom was ready with the lines, and Dylan and Dee Dee were in their "ready-to-go" places.

Then Dad says, "We can't leave." Turns out when he went to do the final engine room check, something our conscientious captain always does, he found diesel spraying from the port engine...

The Caterpillar mechanic was here on Friday morning and there are high hopes we can try again on Tuesday. Fingers and paws crossed.

So Dylan and Dee Dee are enjoying a few extra days here at Ortega Landing Marina. It gave Mom a chance to consult with primo Dog Mom JoDee on some ideas for helping Dee Dee.

JoDee reminded me of the benefits of raw marrow bones. Dylan has had them in the past but, since Dee Dee came onboard after Mom and Dad stopped eating meat, she has never had one. Fortunately, the nearby Publix had two packages. Per JoDee's instructions, we let them play with the bones for a bit and then took them up for more play tomorrow.

Dylan knew exactly what to do and wasted no time digging in.

Dee Dee was more timid and had to do some exploring first.

Finally, Dad stepped in to offer encouragement and Dee Dee started to get the hang of it.

The best way to see the difference between Dylan (dive in and ask questions later) and Dee Dee (I'd like to know what I'm eating) is via a video.

And the best news, there's plenty left for tomorrow

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