Friday, October 17, 2014

Don't Leave Us!

Every time we leave Dylan and Dee Dee on the boat and go somewhere we get "the look." If you have a dog you know exactly what I mean. That "this is worse than being beaten and starved and thrown off a train" look. How could you leave me? What could possibly be more fun than being with me?

They're sure we're sneaking off to eat piles of raw steak while chasing Frisbees and scratching other dogs' bellies. Nothing else could tempt us so.

Sadly, they don't understand because they've never been to the Saturday night Krogen Cruisers dance!

(Photo courtesy of Jeff and Ellen Hall, those two crazy people in the middle - stripe shirt/flowered blouse - Jeff is in the shirt...)

These guys know how to party. Sorry, Dylan and Dee Dee. In this one regard you can't compete! Fortunately, it's only once a year. Can't wait until next October!


Unknown said...

Don't leave us either! We're in Elizabeth City until this Friday! You should easily get to River Dunes by then. We've done the Dismal Swamp Canal for the first and last time. It just isn't our cup of tea. We hope Dee Dee is enjoying this part of the voyage. See you soon, maybe?
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence S/V Elle & I

MV Red Head said...

We're in Morehead City, so past you by now. I know we'll see you again along the way. Stay safe.