Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat!

Dylan has been lucky enough to experience a real Trick or Treat a few years back when we were in Maine for the holiday. He loved seeing the scores of children that came to the front door. Alas, Dee Dee's first trick or treat was spent last year at anchor. Not many trick or treaters there...

We were alerted yesterday that there was a five year old liveaboard who would be making the rounds tonight. Fortunately, we were also loaned some candy so we wouldn't have to worry about being tricked.

A little after five a knock came on the side. Our canine security crew leapt into action with Dee Dee opening the door and Dylan following behind. Imagine Dee Dee's surprise to find a zombie on the dock demanding a treat. She went nuts. Even removing the head to reveal an adorable blond five year old boy didn't appease her.

Fortunately, the human youngster wasn't fazed by the crazy barking of our canine one. The treats were delivered and no tricks were received. Of course, Dee Dee knows it was her diligence and not a few bits of candy treats that saved the day.

As for Dylan, "Did someone say treats?!?!?!?!?"

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