Friday, July 10, 2015

Everything Must Go!

It's finally becoming real, this crazy thing we're doing. The house is under contract. In a couple of weeks we have tents and chairs and tables arriving to setup for an auction.

August 1st the whole crew will vacate for the day while crowds (we hope) descend on our backyard for "The Auction of the Century."  Other boaters have advised that it is best not to be there when people paw through our valuables/junk. Good advice.

So we are making plans for a road trip. The kids don't know yet. But they certainly know something is up. People coming and going. Boxes strewn throughout the house. Mom and Dad sorting and packing in the evening when they should be cuddling.

Dylan thinks Dee Dee should be in the auction. We're taking it under consideration.


Hudson River Boater said...

Don't sell the Dog!!

MV Red Head said...

Why not? We might get $5 for her....