Saturday, October 24, 2009

What I Do For Love

We've all been there. They're so cute with those big soulful eyes. You say, "Oh, I'll just take a look," but then they snuggle up to you, give you a kiss, and you just can't resist adopting them. I adopted my people two years ago. In the beginning it was great! They loved to cuddle and learned my food and bathroom routines pretty quickly. It was touch and go there for a bit when this little interloper showed up but I got him in line pretty quick.

We'd settled into a very happy routine. They loved their walks in the morning. I took them out to play in the afternoon. I even let them sleep in bed with me at night – I know you're not suppose to but they just love to curl up with me and there's those eyes they give you. It was great having them around.

So when they wanted to go on this boat trip it was hard for me to say no - their little eyes looked so sad. I let them know that if they really wanted this then they were going to have to do all the work. They've fussed a bit here and there but all in all they've been pretty good.

That was until this morning. Now we've done some silly things these past couple of months and I've just gone along and didn't complain. But this was just expecting too much.

This morning they had their little alarm go off at 5AM and jumped right out of bed eyes bright and all raring to go (well, sort of). And the little twerp's right there with, "If you want to go, we'll go." He makes me sick sometimes. Well, I wasn't done sleeping but they finally made such a racket it was easier to just get up than lay there. Next thing I know we're pulling away from the dock in the pitch dark and heading down some narrow little canal. They didn't even bother to make me my breakfast first. Where's the gratitude?!

All of this nonsense so we could go around in circles in front of a bridge and then go around in circles in front of a lock. Well, by then I'd had enough. Finally they pulled into Great Bridge Lock and I figured it would be an easy jump to the wall and I'd be out of there. I even had the twerp convinced. But then I saw them there looking so cute. How would they get on without me? Geez, I'm such a sucker for those eyes. Besides it's a lot of work to train new ones.



Unknown said...

Dear Dyna,
You are such a smart girl & darn it - a really good sport to boot! To put up with all that nonsense... honestly!

One More Time Around said...

When do y'all plan to be in Charleston SC...maybe we could share a fender?

Pic of Merlin showing me how to be laid back.

Mike said...

And when in Wrightsville Beach? We plan to be down next weekend.

MV Red Head said...

Susie: Dyna says to tell Skip he's lucky he has sensible people.

Jeff: We're planning on being in Charleston late this week, if all goes well. I couldn't bring up Merlin's picture but Jeff was able to and the kids say they're game!

Mike: It doesn't look like we'll be in Wrightville Beach this time. Our plans are to go offshore between Beaufort and Charleston.

Stephanie said...

Dear Dyna -

Such forbearance!We looked at that wall, too, and Cassie wanted all those geese, but I told her she would just throw up feathers if she ate them!
Come on down here to the North Newport River and we can play to our hearts content! We'll show you where all the good garbage dumps are, and we have some extra round things that we make Mom and Dad throw for us. Mom said we'd be here till the 8th, so come on down!

Sniff, sniff,

Cassie and Godiva

MV Red Head said...

Dear Cassie and Godiva,

I would love to meet and play with you again. The people have a plan to be in Brunswick, GA by somtime next week. No plans to be in the North Newport River but they seem to be changing plans all the time so who knows. Dylan would be happy to find all the good garbage dumps- he'll eat anything. I like a good sniff but have more refined tastes. Don't let your people give you a bath so I can keep a sniff out for you!!