Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Box It Up!

We're coming down to the last couple weeks here in Castine. The auction is on Saturday after which we will really be roughing it. By Sunday the Jeep and Subaru will be sold and we'll have to depend on the kindness of friends to pick up our rental car from Bangor.

This past weekend we picked up a U-Haul U-Box to fill with those items we just can't part with. It looked so small! The crew found it all very interesting and wanted to help.

It took 2 days to fill the 5 by 8 by 7 foot space. It was a complex jigsaw puzzle that resulted is dismay one moment as we were sure it could never fit and relief the next as we thought there was room to spare, followed by dismay and so on.

Until finally all was complete. We dropped the box off Monday morning and it goes on a truck headed south on Wednesday.

It looks like we're really doing this!


John said...

Wow..."hats off " to all of you! It's really stuff isn't it? And can always be replaced....

MV Red Head said...

The irreplaceable stuff we're keeping. Right, kids?