Monday, September 21, 2009

Why the Wye?

I've been told that when God takes a vacation, he goes to the Wye River. I can fully appreciate this now.

It was a long day from Crisfield to the Drum Point anchorage on the Wye River. We've never been on the Wye or in Eastern Bay. We have a few days before SSCA to try it out. It is quite pretty and an excellent anchorage.

The dogs have been sick over the last couple of days. Gastrointestinal sick. It hasn't been fun. They are both on a diet of rice and are starting to look better. They either caught something from one of the many dogs they played with in Crisfield or they ate something on the dock.

So we'll explore the area by dinghy tomorrow if possible. It might just end up being a chicken soup kind of rainy day though.

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J Dubya said...

Dividing Creek is another nice anchorage on the Wye. Did a raft up there in 2007.

Pricey real estate along the Wye. Notable residents include some of the Campbell Soup clan, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, ect....

While in the Eastern Bay vicinity, it would be a sin not to take in St. Michaels as well.....a most charming port.