Saturday, September 12, 2009

Helm Philosophy

As I sat for hours piloting aCappella through the Chesapeake Bay, I considered the following question: Is it better to have bad ice cream or no ice cream?

On one hand, having no ice cream means that you have the promise of having good ice cream eventually. On the other hand, having bad ice cream is better than just wanting it, isn't it?

To the manufacturers of "Shur Fine" ice cream, please, pick some other name. I realize that Shur is not sure or surely but still. Bearly Edible would be a better name (note the bear instead of bare).

Although we left Rock Hall late to wait for an extra foot of tide, the current and wind pushed us strongly south on the Chesapeake. We planned on anchoring near Annapolis but found ourselves there at around noon. So we kept going and anchored in Solomons. That effort means we can stay here tomorrow since Crisfield is only about 35 miles away. Karen wants to do laundry and the 10 knot winds forecast tomorrow will be perfect for drying the clothes outside (we put up closelines).

Dinner tonight was grilled hamburgers with onion and fresh tomato. I also made grilled asparagus on the side along with a fresh plum.

Oh yeah, there was ice cream too.


Anonymous said...

So you answered your own question - you ate the ice cream.

You missed a lot of great Chesapeake cruising by going directly to the Solomons.

I understand that you need to be in Crisfield on a particular date, but I hope you get a chance to go back north before you leave the Chesapeake.

On another note - ACM has spoiled me.

I keep trying to drag the image around on my desktop 21 inch monitor with my finger. Nope, doesn’t work. Some day, I hope!

Mike T.
Merritt Island FL

One More Time Around said...

You mean that big trawler doesn't have a small washer/dryer combo unit?

MV Red Head said...

Mike - lots more Chesapeake cruising left to do. We're not leaving the Bay until the end of October. I want to spend some serious time on the Wye River. We're also going back up to the Rhode River for SSCA in a week.

Jeff - we do have a stacked washer and dryer inboard. The dryer is small and does a poor job. There's nothing better than having the clothes dried by the wind instead. It saves a lot of power too.

Unknown said...

no ice cream is better than bad ice cream...hold out for the Ben & Jerry's!!
Love the Bay Bridge shots!

Unknown said...

The best place on the Wye, in my opinion is Dividing Creek. If you go on a weekday, you may fit, but it will be close -- I used to go there on a 30 foot sloop!