Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mail Day!

Jeff went off to some diesel engine seminar or some equally geeky thing while I stayed onboard to catch up with email, ActiveCaptain, etc. I heard a knock on the side of the boat and someone called, "aCappella, mail call!" Somehow, the dockhand was able to penetrate our cracker jack canine security crew - he was good!

I went to the stern to collect our large package. Our first batch of mail since leaving home. I've spent months moving as many bills as possible to electronic delivery. On top of that our friend Susie has a knack for filtering out the junk. Two bills (one already paid and the other on auto-pay), a couple of notices, several magazine (mostly boating), one piece of junk mail, a hose part that missed us when we left, and a surprise from our good friends and neighbors Dick and Helle.

Dick and Helle, we thank you, will wear them with pride, and heed your warning!


Unknown said...

So glad to know the mail arrived. Wanted to be sure the Blystone's gift got to you asap and figured the magazines might keep you out of trouble!
Love the coffee house performance!

One More Time Around said...

I've got something for your boat I'd like to send you if you'll provide a snail mail address...

MV Red Head said...

Hi Jeff - gosh, that's too nice. OK, but if it's ice cream, it surely won't make it!

The best way to mail things to us is to use the company address:

Active Corporation
PO Box 1000
Castine, ME 04421

We won't be getting mail again until we're in Georgia in the beginning of November...