Thursday, September 3, 2009

The East River - Pictures & Videos


Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff,

There's nothing quite like a cruise down the East River and NY Harbor on a nice day.

Do you have stabilizers on the boat? They are really nice for passages like the NJ coast.


Capt Wayne B
GB49, Long Legged Lady

MV Red Head said...

Thanks for your comment Capt Wayne B. Yes, aCappella has active stabilizers and it looks like they'll get quite the workout over the next few days. The seas are a little big off NJ right now. We are probably going to hang out here tomorrow and wait for nicer weather on Saturday.

Sheila and Bill Corbett said...

Sweet! What a beautiful day! Any tricky maneuvering required?

MV Red Head said...

Nothing tricky at all, Bill. This was the easiest time ever through New York for us. It was a spectacular day. It was gray early - the first picture is the Throgs Neck Bridge when it was just starting to clear but still a little gray. Twenty minutes later it was clear and blue skies.

We passed very little commercial traffic - just one ship. The harbor was pretty empty - the quietest I've ever seen it. This was my 8th time through it in this boat.

We planned it all to get maximum current push - almost 4 knots through the thin parts of the river. Hell Gate is always a little tense because you can't see what's coming. We passed nothing through that area. Even the ferries were fewer and polite!

The thing that always amazes me is the constant sound of sirens when you're passing through by water. From the moment you are alongside Manhattan, it's all you hear.

Beverly Bishop said...
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Beverly Bishop said...

Where do you dock in NY harbor?

Beverly Bishop said...

Never mind. I see you're staying at Sandy Hook?
I love this. It's like being aboard.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll be OK as long as you have stabilizers. We went from Sandy Hook to Cape May 4 years ago in a 20 kt nor'easter and it really was not a bad ride. Atlantic City offers a good bail out point if you need one. Both Cape May and AC are all weather inlets, Barnegat not so much.

Capt Wayne B

Unknown said...

I noticed the marine forecast for the area your in is winds will be changing to E by Sunday...that would probably be a good day to leave at the latest. What's sandy hook like?

One More Time Around said...

Those dogs sure know how to cruise.

MV Red Head said...

Rob, Sandy Hook is a very large open area. If can get quite rolly with the ferries coming through. But it is very safe and a great place to stay when heading up or down the NJ coast. Great Kills is the other location to consider. There is an anchorage along with marinas and moorings.

ActiveCaptain is, of course, a good place to find out about all of these types of things!