Friday, June 30, 2017

Long Island Sound

The Red Head crew has finally made it to Long Island Sound. First, they passed through New York Harbor.

It was Dee Dee's second time and Dylan's third. Dylan's first was with Dyna by his side - Dyna was always smiling. We still miss that sweet girl.

As always, things were hopping as Red Head passed through the harbor and on up the East River.

Good thing Dylan and Dee Dee were standing watch.

The real fun started when we snagged a mooring at Seymour's Boatyard in Northport, NY and the kids got to go .... wait for it... swimming!!!!!

The beach has "No Dogs" signs posted about but at 6:30 am no one seems to mind. Dylan and Dee Dee think they're a lot like Bonnie and Clyde - little outlaws.

There's one more morning excursion to the forbidden beach and then Red Head will continue her journey north. After all, there are more beaches to conquer!

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