Saturday, June 24, 2017

Good Morning!

The crew on Red Head keeps pushing the envelop on wake up time in the morning. They don't care 'bout no clock. They says it's morning whenever they see the sun. While that's becoming a little problematic as we head further north into earlier sunrises, Mom did get to witness an amazing sunrise when we anchored at Cape Henlopen.

While we wait out some nasty weather in Atlantic City, NJ, this morning Dad decided to make a Coconut Date Smoothie for breakfast, a favorite with Dylan and Dee Dee. Not the smoothie so much but the bananas and dates that go into it. You may have guessed, Dad likes to give a taste.

Then, as if the crew isn't being spoiled enough, Dad decided to take a couple of the marrow bones out of the freeze to thaw as a treat for later.

Mom finally convinced him that maybe they should be put a bit more out of the way. It worked as the kids finally left the galley for their morning tussle. But later this morning there will be some real fun times...

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