Sunday, June 18, 2017

Boatyard Dogs

Red Head pulled into Yacht Maintenance Company in Cambridge, MD last week to have a valve cover replaced on an engine along with getting an estimate for painting the whole boat. The crew was greeted by the two boatyard dogs on staff, Moose, a yellow Lab, and Bo, a Lab Beagle mix (adorable). This was Dee Dee's first encounter with a boatyard dog and she was enamored by the two "bad boys."

Moose pretty much took up residence outside Red Head crying and pacing until he could be with his new found love. It was shaping up to be a true "Romeo and Juliet" romance.

But Dee Dee quickly rebuffed his "advances."

So Moose turned his attentions to Dylan. The two appeared to be evenly situated on the dominance scale so they spent their time trying to figure out who was on top - as only dogs can do.

Much fun was had until Dylan and Dee Dee decided it was darn hot and they wanted to go back into the air conditioning. These two spoiled dogs wouldn't last long as "boatyard dogs"...

While Bo found other things to do, Moose kept his vigil outside Red Head.

Mom feared he would get heat stroke - it was blink'n hot - and was happy to see him finally take up his post a bit away in the shade.

But all it took was opening a door or even looking out the window and Moose was back. A very sweet boy.

The crew had three days of romping and fun with their new friends. Dylan and Moose mainly worked on the "who's the top dog" thing.


While Dee Dee and Bo chased the ball.

Bo loves the ball.

Then Dee Dee discover "boatyard toys." Mom wouldn't let her bring it onboard.

Bo still wanted to play with the ball.

It was finally time for the Red Head crew to continue north. We left early but not before Moose had taken up his post.

It was so sad to leave. Faithful Moose cried to his dad. Mom was a bit afraid he might jump in to follow.

He ran down the docks following us until we were out of sight. Don't worry Moose, we'll be back.

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