Monday, June 5, 2017

The Handsome Birthday Boy!

Today is Dylan's 10th birthday. 10 years!

We can't believe it has been that long since we brought home that little bundle of pure joy. He was lucky to have his grandma, Dyna, there to help show him the ropes.

There have been those that claim he was a bit of a devil as a puppy but his mom sure doesn't remember that. No matter, there was always Dyna there to keep him in line.

Mom remembers the little doll who won first place in a photo contest.

For 6 years, Dylan and Dyna had fun whether on land...

or at sea.

And of course, there was always swimming.

Four years ago Dylan helped Dyna cross over the rainbow bridge. Would he ever have another buddy as great as she was?

The jury is out on that one.... Just when Dylan was becoming a mature young man, Dee Dee came into his life.

Dee Dee does keep him on his toes. And keeps him young.

Dylan's adventures continued, now with Dee Dee at his side. There was the Great Loop

And coconuts in the Bahamas.

Dolphin watching.

Dinghy rides.

And don't forget the swimming!

It's been 10 years chock-full of fun and memories.  There has never been a more loyal or affection buddy. We love you Dylan and look forward to many, many more memories.


Hudson River Boater said...

Hope "Red Head" Makes her way up my way one day-- Would Love to meet your Doggies.. I'll even bring Treats for them..

Cockenoe Island-- Westport, CT.

Bob said...

"A great dog's life." Great job helping Dylan experience wonderful things and be the best that he can be. Happy Birthday, Dylan.

Denali94 said...

Happy Day Dylan, even though you are now 10, you need to remind them that as a Lab you will always be part puppy. (Be just a tad naughty once in a while!) Many happy returns and keep that youngster on her path to becoming a full-share crew member. Sorry we missed you in Palm Coast, maybe next time, always a few Greenies (really good treats) for our friends.

Red right return, fair winds, following seas and all that nautical stuff!

Captain Don, Diana and the sweet memories of Denali, Dusti and Sable.

Unknown said...

It sure is amazing how time flies when you're having fun. Happy belated Birthday, Dylan. Our beautiful girl Sydney (a Goldendoodle) just turned 11 in May and she still thinks she's a puppy. Forever young is definitely the way to go.