Monday, August 29, 2016

She Has a Name...

When we purchased Red Head as the kids new home, we decided to keep her name. It's such a fitting name, after all.

Before we picked her up she spent some time in an industrial yard being blasted with something they called "black Betty" or "black beauty" or some such thing. All we knew was that it left this horrible fine black dust that we are still finding months later. But we digress...

To do this process the name had to be removed from the transom. Since then she has been "nameless."

Fortunately, we have our good friend Jeryl who does, among other things, boat lettering. A few emails back and forth and a FedEx box arrives. But how to get them on? A few more emails with Jeryl telling Jeff, "It's easy," and we decided to give it a try. Hey, worst case, Jeryl could always FedEx a new set.

So this weekend, in celebration of Jeff's birthday, we decided to give it a go. It wasn't too bad. This is definitely a task where Jeff's ana... I mean, exacting personality comes in handy. Sunday, we laid down the red background for the name.

Monday morning, the hailing port.

Key Largo, FL is harking back to her roots. When she was built she was christened Key Largo.

Finally, Monday evening, the white overlay on the name and it was complete.

We think she came out pretty nice.

Where were Dylan and Dee Dee for all of this, you ask? We deemed it unwise to allow them on the cockpit, so they had to supervise from the salon. But as you can see it turned out just right


Unknown said...

Looking good, Red Head...Jeff has something else to add to his resume

Harbour Isle said...

Nothing worse than Lab fur sticking out from under the lettering 'cause you know it would have gotten there.

MV Red Head said...

I think the fur gives it some depth... Heck, it's sticking out of my liver! Pretty sure, anyway.

Harbour Isle said...

Talk about getting into unusual places!
If our dog has snuck up onto the back of the sofa, somedays you might think that I'm a natural blond -- not!

Congrats on the official name re-christening. She's sure looking good.

William said...

Great Blog! Black Beauty is the slag particle left over from melted steel being poured or handled. The tiny particles are a cheap substitute for sand (for sand blasting). The good is that it is steel and it removes just about anything. The bad part is it is steel and it rusts. And ends up staining everything. Cheers from Miami. William.