Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kangaroo Update

It's been about 3 weeks since we started Dee Dee on her new kangaroo based diet - you can buy it at We used the Zignature Kangaroo Limited Ingredient Formula Dry Dog Food:

It's not cheap but then our kids have been getting spoiled for quite some time now. Not only are they worth it, it's better than all those vet bills...

She gets kangaroo twice a day, breakfast and supper, and for treats we have been giving her small carrots. I had also purchased some fruit (no meat or grain) based treats but decided I wanted to keep things very clean in the beginning.

Even her daddy has been following the new diet rules despite Dee Dee's best efforts at wooing him. Could you resist that face?

Unfortunately, it means no plate scraps for Dylan either but Jeff has been putting some carrots on his plate so he can remain the world's most popular Dad - at least, in Dylan and Dee Dee's world.

So what has happen? We saw some results almost immediately. The paw licking reduced to where the sores have healed, her ears remain good, and her bottom scooting, well, that's almost stopped. We are continuing the diet and will switch Dylan over as soon as he empties that last bag of dog food. It just makes things easier. In another week or so, I will introduce one of the new treats and see what happens.

Overall, we are calling it a success. Thank you, Dr Skinner.

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