Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Kangaroo Anyone?

Since Dee Dee was a tiny pup we have had problems with ear infections. She visited half the vets along the Great Loop that first year. We've tried allergy medicine, ear washes, grain-free foods, fish only, even bison diets. Nothing worked over the long haul. Along with this she goes through periods of "nervous" paw chewing and bottom scooting.

It's a good thing she's so adorable...

Yesterday was August 1st. The first of every month is heartworm meds day. Dylan and Dee Dee each get a tasty chew that protects them from this deadly condition. They love their heartworm pills. But when I went to get two chews, I found only one. Aargh! That meant we had to find a vet.

Fortunately, the two terrific women in the Zimmerman Marine office, Dee and Trish, recommended Hartfield Animal Hospital and Dr. Skinner. He looked her over and said, "She has food allergies." We described what we had done. He asked, "Have you tried kangaroo?' Hmmmmm.... no.

It turned out Dr. Skinner is very much into treatment through nutrition. And he's a vegan. Needless to say, we hit it off. But where do we get kangaroo based dog food? "Are you familiar with chewy.com?" he asked. Were we familiar... We LOVE Chewy.com.

So as soon as we emptied our pockets of all our money at the vet, Mom went right online and found the goods. Of course, she also had to order some treats - she found some banana ones, Dee Dee's favorite.

Dylan and Dee Dee don't mind the vet. To a Lab all attention is good attention. But they are happy to be back home. Keeping fingers crossed that Dee Dee's problems will soon be in the past.

Oh, and Dylan's check up was perfect, of course. He's such a good boy.

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Ron said...

Would like to hear how the Kangaroo food works out. Our Duke has the same issues, know what you meant about emptying your pockets at the vets.